Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rifts within the Hereditary Confederacy Chiefs Council and the Disruptive Role of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute - Updates

What follows is essentially a follow up to the recent posting found here.

In the 5 August 2015 issue of Two Row Times (TRT), there are two items of interest.  There is little use in providing an edited version here when TRT is online and easily accessed.

1)  Article: Disruption at Confederacy Council during HDI report.  See here.

The article provides the most recent examples of the rifts emerging within the HCCC, largely due to the antics of the HDI including "rudely" interrupting and breaching protocol as well as the usual lack of transparency allegations.

2)  Letter to the Editor: Council Observations.  See here.

The author repeats the concerns expressed above, and notes the "one sided 'reporting' on it in a certain local newspaper".  Gosh, I wonder what newspaper that would be - since there is only TRT and one other.  The frustration and anger of the writer is clearly in evidence.