Thursday, 26 October 2017

Proposed Deal to Energize Power Lines Kept Idle by Six Nations Activists for 11 Years

This is in the "you have got to be kidding" category!

Back in 2006 the Six Nations criminals who stole the Douglas Creek Estates property, vandalized the Caledonia Hydro One sub station, destroyed Hydro One towers to use as barricades, and through threats and intimidation refused to "allow" a multi billion dollar project to be completed - now want in on a proposal to "re energize" these towers / lines.  They would profit to the tune of millions for acts that cost the Ontario taxpayer billions.  That is simply in the crazy category.

The proposal is reported in The Sachem of 9 October 2017 in an article entitled,

Six Nations proposes to re-energize idle hydro line shuttered by Caledonia protests.

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As stated in the article, A long-idle, $116-million hydro transmission line meant to strengthen power ties between New York state and Ontario may be finally completed following a deal that’s been brought forward by Six Nations, the province and Hydro One.

The Niagara reinforcement line (NRL), a 76-kilometre power line that was never completed due to the 2006 Douglas Creek Estates protests in Caledonia, is back on the table for completion pending community input in Six Nations.
Furthermore, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) has reached a tentative deal with the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Hydro One that would complete the final five kilometres of the NRL along the Highway 6 bypass in Caledonia. In exchange, the Six Nations community would receive "long-term value" in the form of ownership and capacity for renewable energy projects.
Map credit The Sachem
In case there are those who would doubt what I have been saying for years about the results of allowing these towers to remain unstrung, the following investigation will offer tangible support:
A CTV News investigation in 2015 revealed that the incomplete NRL has been costing Ontario taxpayers millions of dollars as it sat idle.
According to CTV, Hydro One has been billing taxpayers for interest payments on the NRL. The total from 2007 to 2015 was just shy of $50 million.
There is NO RATIONALE that could justify this action whereby Six Nation profits in any way from this work.  There is no treaty of any description, there is no unsurrendered land anywhere in the Grand River Territory, the lines do not run through the Reserve - so why involve Six Nations and reward them for their criminal acts?  Please view my previous posting (click here) for further details and photos of the forlorn towers rusting in place devoid of any power lines.  I had no awareness of this "deal", and my views of a few days, weeks, months and years ago still stand.

The absolute absurdity of this whole business can be seen in the following statement:  “It is our plan to advance our community’s interest and see (the NRL) completed,” SNGRDC CEO Matt Jamieson said at the first of 10 community engagements sessions last Thursday at the Gathering Place in Ohsweken.

So this work can only proceed with the permission of Six Nations!  That is beyond the pale.  An absolute travesty.  A slap in the face of every Caledonian and others who have been forced to endure the criminal acts surrounding Douglas Creek Estates for 11 years.  We have been forced to view the fruits of their misdeeds over and over as recently as last month as the remaining part of one tower is dragged across Argyle Street to protest whatever.

In this case Six Nations have NO RIGHTS only RESPONSIBILITIES.  They must pay compensation and damages for their acts before any consideration of including them in such deals goes forward.  What sort of topsy turvy world do we live in where the criminals call the shots.  Further words fail me at this time.