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Chief of Six Nations Calling for Yet More Searching of the Grounds of the Mohawk Institute for Children's Remains

 When is enough, enough?  Do people have such short memories, or are there political considerations in play?  These questions feed into the recent request by the Elected Chief of the Six Nations of the Grand River for funding from the Federal Government to conduct more searches of the grounds surrounding the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School operated by the Anglican Church, upon request of the Hereditary Chiefs and Clan Mothers, from 1839 to 1970.

Ever since the announcement ("preliminary report") of the apparent finding of the remains of 215 children on the grounds of the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, there have been calls for the investigation of the grounds of all former residential schools across Canada (plus apologies from the Catholic Church and the Pope, plus a myriad of other "demands") following this finding.  Alas, the find has only been detected via ground penetrating radar (GPR) which is relatively crude technology and can not see human remains directly, only blips on the screen that might be interpreted as possible remains - but nothing at all can be confirmed until an archaeologist and forensic anthropologist excavate and locate physical remains that can be analyzed.  For example, if they are human remains, are they from a First Nations group or European?  If the latter then this could be one of the many unmarked pioneer burial sites across Canada.  It is all unknown until further work is done, and it was, to say the least, premature to make an announcement that would send shock waves across Canada and the world that involved so little tangible evidence.  

Therefore, based on an incomplete finding, to ask for money and apologies is unacceptable.  For the Six Nations to do this is even more "questionable".  As reported in the Spectator here, Chief Hill is asking for Federal Government "support" in searching the grounds at the former residential school.  Most seem to have forgotten the 2008 - 2013 hoax perpetrated by a defrocked United Church Minister who claimed he had located human remains on the school grounds and convinced the Hereditary Chiefs to search the grounds for the remains of the children who died at the school.  The hoaxer, K.A., is well known for perpetrating similar extravagances, as seen here.  He claimed, for example, that Queen Elizabeth took 10 children from the Kamloops Indian Residential School for a picnic in 1964 and they were never seen again.  Despite the sheer absurdity of this claim, and the fact that the Queen was not in Kamloops in 1964, he pressed on with further unsupported allegations.  So work at Brantford went ahead despite the reputation of the person "leading the charge" being a known conspiracy theorist.  

The "process" involving both GPR and archaeological excavation is described in detail here by the hoaxer himself, whose background and reputation has been documented here.  Of all the wild allegations made by this individual the one that is most personally troubling is that a Clan Mother, J.L., well respected across Six Nations territory, and by the present author, is a "government operative" because she dared stand up for the truth and not support the wild conspiracy theory (which got more and more bizarre over time).  A fact check agency even delved into the matter when in 2017 a picture of 33 children, said to be from the Mohawk Institute, was published along with the statement that all of them "had been shot" in 1943 since there was no room at the school.  As seen here, the researcher was quickly able to establish that the picture was from a school in British Columbia and that there was not a shred of evidence about any mass murder.  He then explored the facts relating to the previous excavations, and the other work done by reputable individuals showing that there was no documented or legitimate oral evidence of any mysterious deaths and disappearances at the school.  However this is a matter that simply won't die.  The present author has located the burial records for the school (those that survived a fire at the home of Cannon Zimmerman, on the grounds of the school).  The children who died at school and whose bodies were not claimed by parents for burial elsewhere, all appear to have taken place in the Cemetery at St. Paul's Anglican Church across the road from the school.

Even those at the Woodland Cultural Center acknowledge that considerable work has already been done at the Mohawk Institute (called by some the "Mush Hole") in above Spectator article.  Specifically,  “There have been acreages of the property that have been investigated.  Nothing has been found,” Janis Montour said in a May 31 interview with The Spectator.  “But there’s still acreage behind the building that still need to be looked at.”  The area behind the school was part of the large agricultural property (ploughed) which has been used since day one to train boys in “agricultural pursuits”.  It would be highly unlikely to find any remains in this location.

Update:  In an unfathomable move, Elected Chief of Six Nations is requesting / demanding $10 million of the $27 million allotted for searching the grounds of former residential schools across Canada (see here).  He seems to forget, or not care, that already, between 2008 and 2013, the grounds outside the Mohawk Institute have been extensively searched by both ground penetrating radar and archaeological excavation - as noted above.  How can this demand possibly be justified?  Many of the former schools in the Western Provinces have a much more tangible claim that they should be given priority in such a venture.  Is this simply greed and a money grab?

NOTE:  There is a considerable amount of information on the Mohawk Institute in this blog, and the details can be accessed here.

Lies and Myths Fueling the Actions of the "Land Defenders" in Caledonia

 It appears that the "Land Defenders" creating turmoil and chaos in Caledonia, Ontario must be operating out of malice and ignorance using lies and myths to justify their actions.  What follows are the four main topics that need to be understood in order to sift fact from fiction, lie from the truth.

1)  Claim of Unceded (Unsurrendered) Land in Haldimand County, see here.

2)  Assertion that the Six Nations are a Sovereign People, see here.

3) Demand that All Developers Go Through a Process of Consultation and Accommodation, see here

4)  Delusion that there is a Treaty Governing the Relations Between the Crown and Six Nations, see here.

Published with permission.

This is the tip of the iceberg, but contains what are likely the most important misconceptions.

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Losani Housing Development Occupation by Six Nations Hereditary Council Affiliates and Young White Supporters - Updates from 10 August 2020

 In the previous blog posting on this subject, the author outlines the events and issues to 9 August 2020.  Clearly it is toppling under its own weight, so the circumstances arising since 10 August will be noted here.

First I want to make a personal plea to any who will listen.  We in Caledonia have suffered indignities of the same nature as our present predicament since 2006 - 14 years.  I know people who have been highly traumatized by the situation.  The occupiers of the Douglas Creek Estates site were brutal and cruel in the extreme, and made life miserable for neighbours.  Some victims would be / have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Only someone who lives here can fully appreciate the scale of the toll these constant "protests" and blockades take on us locals.  I slept 2 hours last night, and I am relatively removed geographically (near the Grand River Bridge) from direct exposure to the issues facing those on the margins of the Losani Development (Caledonia Avenue and Fuller Drive areas).  

For those who need to get up to speed on the events of the last 14 years, the late Christie Blatchford's book, Helpless:  Caledonia's Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us (Doubleday Canada, 2010) may still be available.  The current blog is perhaps the best (most comprehensive) single site for events since 2010.

We in Caledonia need a resolution, and promptly.  This latest "event" is the most miserable in a long string of them since the Spring of 2006 when the Douglas Creek Estates Development on the west side of Argyle Road at the south end of Caledonia was stolen.  Now it is the Losani Housing Development on the east side of Argyle Road along McKenzie Road (this road being the only other way out of Caledonia to the south for many miles - since the Highway 6 Bypass is also blockaded).

With that being said, I return to a chronological rendition of events since 10 August 2020.

10 August 2020:  Monday, 3 pm.  No change - all quiet at the two sites.  However most of those who I observed at Losani were very youthful White people, who were using 2x4 lumber and 4x8 chipboard panels to construct something amidst the mounds of dirt and construction site bric a brac (e.g., rows of sewer pipe).  

An article in the Brantford Expositor provides a fine update here.  Also the CHCH Hamilton report here gives more information on the call by protesters for help from all the Six Nations community; and how apparently other Native groups (e.g., Ipperwash) are en route to provide their support. In addition Turtle Island News, known (at least in the past) for being the publishing arm of the Hereditary Council, has provided a very objective analysis of the complexity of the problems involved - and I highly recommend the article here.  An article in the Sachem reflects the frustrations of all with the Federal Government who have stalled for 27 years in resolving the land claims issue (see here).  The column is adamant that Prime Minister Trudeau needs to come here - now.

11 August 2020:  1:30 pm.  Slept only 2 hours last night - serious agitation is establishing itself as this thing drags on.  At two sites I am monitoring (Argyle Street barricade; Losani Housing Development), no change.  The CBC News published an article outlining the protesters demands, as seen here.  Basically the individual "spearheading the charge" at Losani, a man with a criminal record of violence stemming from 2006, has written to all members of Six Nations (23,000 I guess, give or take).  He is asking for their support.  He is also "demanding" that the Federal Minister in charge of Indian and Northern Development, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, come to the site for talks - with the deadline being Friday.  Actually this is a wonderful idea - although it will never happen if the past is any indication of the future.  

We need to have people like Lonny Bomberry and Phil Monture (Six Nations Lands and Resources officals at Ohsweken), both very well informed and an asset to the Community, meet with the Feds.  Hopefully we can entice Phil out of retirement, and keep Lonny in the saddle a while longer (both are my age).  Should they request my assistance as the only other individual who has foraged through the entire vast Library and Archives Canada RG10, Indian Affairs, Papers and Records - I would take it under consideration - to represent Caledonia, and the truth.  

It has been 27 years, and no action to date.  Apparently these things can't be rushed.  Only the Federal Government can settle this matter once and for all - however the Hereditary Council supporters have never been big fans of the truth or giving up their claim to be the sole representative of the Six Nations people.  Thus, unless it is complete capitulation on the part of the Feds, deferring to the Hereditary Council, we are back to square one - no matter what is negotiated with the Elected Council.

So, the beat goes on, and we anxiously await the next development.  Will Prime Minister Trudeau make an appearance, or will the OPP bring in the tactical gear and transport vans and carry out the Court Order?  Will the adolescent White "supporters" bail before the troops arrive?  Perhaps COVID-19 is giving them too much free time, which combined with the naivity and idealism of youth, may lead them to unforeseen negative consequences.  The "supporters" in 2006 were older - university graduate students and their protegees.  A call to each of their supervisors warning that they, being mentors, would be held personally responsible for the actions of their students, appears to have had the intended consequences.  But with 18 year olds ................. wonder if their parents approve.

The latest report, 5 pm from the Brantford Expositor can be seen here.  Apparently the Elected Chief is calling for more time from Premier Ford.  It was also noted that reinforcements are on the way from the west and that the 401 and 403 may experience rolling slow downs.  OPP - act now!

In fact the rolling slow downs did occur.  The OPP Twitter page here indicates that at 4 pm there was a warning for Middlesex, Oxford and Brant Counties for both highways, ultimately with those in Brant on the 403 exiting at Garden Avenue.  If the OPP wanted they could pull over all of the offending vehicles on Garden Avenue before these perpetrators take Highway 54 to Caledonia.  Why allow "reinforcements" to arrive at the site?  I am beginning to re-evaluate my positive take on the OPP at this point.

The author's usual checks of the two sites, at 2 pm and 6:30 pm showed nothing of note happening at either location.

IMPORTANT:  The article in The Spectator here describes how Elected Chief Hill is calling for dialogue with all, how the Premier says he does not have the power to order the OPP to enforce the Court Order, how the "chief protester" says no matter if he is arrested again he will be back (perhaps he forgets about the Barton Street Jail experience he had in days gone by).  Apparently he has received $5,200 in a Go Fund Me account for his legal defense.  Hope he needs every penny.  Perhaps my belief in dealing with many things is life could be applicable here.  That is to say, some problems require that you cut off the head of the snake.  The body will slither around for a while, but ultimately it is done.  In this case, take the head protester (who has a criminal record) to jail for disobeying a Court Order, publicize his history to avoid excessive sympathy being directed toward him, no release since he has made it clear he will not respect the Court and he will do what he wants.  Then talk to the others about whether they intend to obey the Court Order.  It is quite simple at that point, those who refuse are taken to detention and processing - and not released for at least a week while charges are established and bail set.  A criminal record needs to be established for these individuals - for a number of reasons.  The others help with the clean up, and all charges are dropped.  To simplistic I guess - but who has a better solution?

I have the feeling that due to the delays now it has become an all or nothing situation - and unfortunately it seems that as in the "bad old days" the OPP lacks the will to do what is an absolute necessity.

12 August 2020:  Someone managed to place a "racist" sign at the development site - although it is not clear where, specifically, the sign was placed - except that it was on top of an orange cone (see CHCH article here).  I have never heard the wording before.  The rather crude sign appears to be in a zone not accessible to locals, and it has a considerable amount of cord material wrapped around the post that holds it.  I wonder if it was put there by the protesters to create controversy / sympathy.

2:30 pm, nothing changed at barricade site.  However at the Losani site a lot of activity was observed.  An APTV (Aboriginal Peoples TV) team was there - camera and reporter.  There were also a lot of White people were milling about.  In the distance could be seen the fruits of the "building blitz" occurring there, as reflected in the photos below.

A close up of the new structure on the site.

A broader perspective on the site as it now stands.

Turtle Island News continues to offer objective reporting on this matter.  They note that yesterday there were a dozen vehicles from Oneida of the Thames who constituted the rolling blockade along Highways 401 and 403, as can be seen in the article here.  This action, from them, is more than annoying.  The Oneida of the Thames supported the Rebels during the Revolution and when things got uncomfortable in Upstate New York, they purchased land in Ontario near London along the Thames in 1839.  What business do they have getting involved here?

All this and the OPP still stand down?  Will they wait until people from British Columbia join the fray - of course making it infinitely harder to do what needs doing?  Another "Cashedonia" with big overtime bonuses as happened in 2006.

How many millions of dollars have been lost in commerce just considering the railway - which has been ground to a halt?  Oil from Nanticoke, gypsum wallboard from Hagersville - nothing is moving.

13 August 2020:  In The Spectator today (see here) is an article reflecting the anxiety of the home owners - will they ever see the houses that they have already purchased? About 3/4 of the owners have already purchased their homes (of the 269 planned).  Their concerns are given short shrift by the "land protectors" - who also refuse to acknowledge that the land was legally purchased by the Crown in 1844 and patents for the entire township were issued.  No Chief complained - it is only the the activism that began in the 1970s that has begun to question events and decisions of over 150 years ago.

The present author missed something that now seems to be likely to be highly relevant to the timing of when this situation will end (at least this phase of it).  In an article in The Spectator of 7 August 2020, there is considerable information about various matters as well as the Court Order (see here).  This is the part that is of concern:

Const. Rod LeClair of the OPP did not comment on how police would enforce the injunctions, which the court will review on Aug. 25.

The way things are moving (actually they are not moving), it appears that the OPP are likely to delay any action until the end of the month - if ever they do act.

The Haldimand Press of today has the most comprehensive coverage of the present situation yet seen, with all of the major, and some minor, players going on record, as seen here.  The sign in the picture below, from the article, held by a Caledonia resident, speaks to the point and the truth.

Thursday evening:  CBC News reported on the "plans"that Williams (no one else has acted as a spokesperson in all these weeks) has for the Losani Development, as found here.  Not sure how many know that he spent 56 days at the Barton Street Jail for assault and theft charges - not exactly a prime role model.  He provides the usual spin on the alleged dramatic difference between his people's view of the matter, and that of the Canadian establishment; and that, demonstrators trace the root of the current confrontation to Canada's colonial history and more recently to 2006 with a different development called Douglas Creek Estates.  

In addition, he "borrowed" two bulldozers one of which he drove through the barricade on Argyle Street in order to effect the changes he envisioned to the presently hideous landscape.  They were promptly "confiscated" by plain clothes OPP officers to be returned to the owners - explaining the bulldozer seen by the author parked opposite Canadian Tire. Is this not "theft over" - meaning he was stealing a vehicle the value being (well) over $5,000 and there are stiff sentences for perpetrators of these acts.  So the obvious question is - why was Williams not arrested and charged - he was caught in the act!

At present there is only the framing for "the kitchen" (the wooden structure seen in the above pictures) - but they envision creating an idealistic Utopian green setting - they have an immense task ahead of them even with a lot of heavy equipment (which they are unlikely to get).  Meanwhile 170 or so homeowners are hoping to move into their new homes by the fall - that is not going to happen.  Do the self styled "land protectors" give even a moment's thought to the feelings of these people.  The answer is that there is not the slightest evidence that it has crossed their minds.  

The present author maintains that there are more White people at the Losani site than Six Nations or other "Native" people.  Why the OPP don't move in NOW is a mystery.

14 August 2020:  It appears that by virtue of the specific clauses of the deal that the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) signed with the developer, SNEC may be required to give back the money (and the 42 acres of land near Little Buffalo?) since they did not uphold it end of the agreement, as seen here.  For example, they agreed to ensure that there would be no work interruptions / stoppages due to protests.

15 August 2020:  An Opinion article in The Hamilton Spectator provides an overview of many of the issues, and also a personal perspective of a Caledonia resident who appears to be beyond fed up with the status quo, lies, hypocrisy and so on embedded in this matter.  It begins and ends with a plea for help for Caledonia, for people to see that those who live here are suffering to a degree not seen anywhere else in Ontario.  See here.

4 pm - At the north barricade (near Canadian Tire) there is a very large mobile digital sign posted on the east side of Argyle.  At present it warns people that the road ahead is closed - well considering the wall to wall OPP cars, that should be obvious.  The "junk pile" opposite Surrey Street (the entrance to the Douglas Creek Estates) has been adorned with two thin tree trunks that cross each other.

The south end of the barricaded area at 4th Line has four OPP cruisers at the barricades, and a similar mobile sign that can be programmed to say anything - as things change.  People can travel east and west on 4th Line, but not access Highway 6 north.

17 August 2020:  Nothing happened over the weekend.  Talk, talk, talk - same as 2006 when the outcome was the Ontario Government handing over the occupied site to the occupiers.  Why would we not anticipate the same outcome here since the OPP negotiators need to "grow a pair" and do their job.  Their job is to enforce a Court Order of 7 August 2020 and clear the land of these trespassers.  Our MPP Toby Barrett, the only one other than Mayor Ken Hewitt, who I have seen anywhere in the vicinity.  In today's Hamilton Spectator Barrett (see here) stated firmly that,  “There is chaos. I really resent the intimidation that’s used to generate fear. That’s not how we operate in Ontario or Canada.”  Furthermore, “Those injunctions need to be acted on. This is non-negotiable,”  Much of the article focused on the joyous experiences that the "land protectors" are having, with Kumbaya and enjoying various sporting games.  Fun and games for the unemployed and their White teen aged followers.

There was a comment in the Brantford Expositor that is worth reflecting upon.  Something to the effect that at least while all this is going on that the writer won't have to worry about his truck.  He seems to be speaking to the question as to what "land protectors" do between land occupation gigs.

The author has been praying for rain - which will put a damper on the Kumbaya and amidst the sloshing mud puddles there is a little less merriment - especially when a little thunder and lightening are added to the mix.  At 3 pm, as I was having my afternoon chat with the OPP by Canadian Tire, it began.  Wonder what implications this might have.

18 August 2020:  A source said that there would be "police action" today.  Other than the usual alert for traffic blockades from 4th Line to Greens Road, and Highway 6 to Braemar, the following was just observed on the OPP Twitter feed:  #HaldimandOPP would like to advise motorists of potential traffic delays this afternoon on portions of #Hwy401, #Hwy403, #Hwy54 & #Hwy6. Possible demonstration activities may delay or interrupt the normal flow of traffic. Monitor local media & traffic advisories for updates. ^js

After 8 pm the OPP issued a statement that these rolling blockades are no longer a concern. However, there is tomorrow. In an article in The Hamilton Spectator, see here, indicating that tomorrow (19 August) in the afternoon there will be rolling blockades as described above. The Guelph Mercury gives details of these blockades here, based on the "heads up" given to Rod LeClair of the OPP - see here.

In addition the Spectator article notes that the Hereditary Council has come out in support of the "land protectors". My question would be, "when did they not support the activists"? Elected Chief Mark Hill made an admission that I have not seen before, as follows: Elected chief Mark Hill noted in a statement that the developers were not legally obliged to compensate the reserve but did so in light of ongoing land claims.  So in other words there is absolutely no legal reason for a developer to "compensate" or "accommodate" - but by so doing they in theory should avoid work stoppages, blockades and the like.  Elsewhere in the article they report that the Hereditary Council are only concerned with land near the Reserve:  The hereditary chiefs say they were not consulted before construction proceeded in what the council considers the “red zone” of its ongoing development moratorium on contested lands.  That is a lie.  They have intruded on land and green energy developments from beyond Norfolk into Niagara.  The simple fact is that it is easier to extort from those closest to the Reserve, but developers from all of Southwestern Ontario (not just within the old Haldimand Tract) have been "pressed upon" and required to come up with, generally money, so that their "troops" (enforcers) would go away.  In this blog I have documented numerous such projects, and the funds dispersed to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute - the enforcement arm of the Hereditary Council.

In a presumably unrelated matter, Turtle Island News reports that Elected Chief Mark Hill's home is on fire (see here).

19 August 2020:  Crickets.  Until now, see here.  Threats of death and arson - how low will these people stoop.  So Mark Hill's home was set ablaze because he negotiated with the developers?  Huge criminal element embedded within these "land protectors".  The ONLY solution at present is to slap the ringleaders with injunctions, fines and jail time.

At about 4:30 I contacted Mayor Hewitt and MPP Toby Barrett, as well as The Spec, then copied the Twitter feed and took copies to the 6 OPP officers at the Canadian Tire barricade.

In the CBC article here, Haldimand Mayor Ken Hewitt is clearly at the end of his rope.  He wants the injunctions served now.  No more talk.  The land was sold well over 100 years ago and everyone here has proper titles to their land.  Anyway, I certainly could not have said it any better.

20 August 2020:  Well, not surprising, 2 days after Elected Chief Mark Hill's house was torched, the "land protectors" could not be moving quicker to get all the barricades removed and the places cleaned up.  Those of us who live here know how that would happen.  Apparently the OPP acted on the complaint of the reporter who was making threats.  Here follows a picture of the main barricade, on Argyle Street, in the process of being dismantled.

More news to come with the evening news.  This is the biggest development in weeks.  Alas, the developer may be left high and dry because now the pressure will be off the OPP to "do something".  Actually I don't know that they did anything, but the locals know who did.

Another article here from the CBC, giving Williams' total bullshit explanation as to why the barricades came down - respectful dialogue, and the OPP not hauling them off "their land".  That is crap, but people will believe him.

Apparently the roads and railway are still partially blocked, as seen here in an article in the Brantford Expositor.  Apparently representatives from the Provincial and Federal Ministries have agreed to attend meetings - but of course useless acts since the Elected and Hereditary Councils both assert that they represent the Six Nations.  Only the former in truth and in fact is the legal representative of Six Nations and that would take YEARS to change.

It is encouraging that Premier Doug Ford chose to say that if anyone interfered with the OPP in the performance of their duties, "he would come out swinging".

Some pictures, one from the barricades and two from the development site below - as of 5 pm, Thursday, 20 August 2020.


21 August 2020:   More on the official notification that the Federal Government attempt to address the issues relating to land claims as seen in the CBC article here.  Specifically, the Six Nations Elected Council and Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council have received a letter from Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller and Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett agreeing to sit down and discuss the situation.

A Court Injunction was just issued by Justice R.J. Harper of the Superior Court of Ontario basically slamming the "land protectors" for their unconscionable and entirely illegal acts, and ruling in favour of Haldimand County and Foxgate Development (Losani).  Now to see when / if the OPP will act! 

22 August 2020:  Apparently at 5:30 pm yesterday the OPP gave the demonstrators two hours to remove the remaining barricades (see here).  The "spokesperson" Williams said that this was unrealistic (sure and claiming you are a sovereign nation is realistic), and they needed to more to ensure "our people" would be safe.  Whatever all that means.  The ultimatum is a good step.  Williams has once again violated the order.  So what will happen now?

On the up side, at 8 am this morning the train, with largely tanker cars, crossed the tressel in Caledonia headed for Hagersville and Nanticoke.

23 August 2020:  Supposedly the final element of the barricade network is being dismantled, as seen here, despite the grumbling by the "land Protector" Williams who balked at the OPP ultimatum - but gave in for all the fairy dust reasons you can come up with.  Now, if the Federal Government and the Lands and Resources researchers at Six Nations (Elected Council affiliated) actually do get together it will merely reaffirm what has been accepted for years.  That is to say that there are no legitimate claims to property / land, the only issues that need to be resolved is the matter of interest money over the years - a perfectly legitimate topic to be addressed.  Then the Hereditary Chiefs will assert that only they represent Six Nations, and that talks must be with them alone.  They will make demands, the government will cave and we are back to square one - despite the obvious fact, proven in Court and in the very clear documentation, that there is not a single acre of land that Six Nations can legitimately claim as unsurrendered - except the Reserve on which they live. 

24 August 2020:  As noted in the video from CHCH here, all roads (and the railway) are completely open and traffic is moving "normally" (we in Caledonia see this traffic as anything but "normal").  However the land dispute remains and the protesters are still occupying the Foxgate - Losani - Ballanty home development site west of McKenzie Road. There are also protesters in the streets of Hamilton, so this cancer / infestation is spreading - and these people know nothing what so ever about the real issues.  Williams is now calling for a moratorium on all development in the Haldimand Tract.  The Federal Minister, Carolyn Bennett has agreed to meet - but with whom, and will the County of Haldimand be invited - how about Caledonia residents who have been most impacted by these yearly disruptions?  Of course time will tell, but most of us "old timers" know that the likelihood of anything changing is slim to none.

25 August 2020:  Last night, about 12:30 am, a very "dramatic" storm blew through here with a very significant number of lightening strikes, thunder, and rain (not as much as I hoped for but enough to water the garden).  A question is, "how did the occupants of Foxgate fare with this dangerous and scary event?"  Most of the people there, Native and White, appear to have tents in which to spend the night, and perhaps shelter from the blistering temperatures of the past few weeks.  Yesterday was 97F on the humidex scale!  Being in a tent in a violent thunderstorm is frightening.  Since the "kitchen" has not been roofed, not much shelter to be had there.

CHCH TV News describes how at a hearing today, attended by representatives of Haldimand County, the developer, the OPP and the protesters, a Judge in Brantford has extended the court injunction, as seen here.  It is not clear (to the author) what this means, nor the statement, Injunctions have been renewed and will remain until next court date... leading to a possible final hearing & permanent injunction. So does this mean that the OPP will continue to stand down until the "final hearing" - whenever that might occur. Meanwhile the illegal occupation and the vandalism is allowed to continue? What is wrong with our system? The OPP was given a court order to clear the property on 7 August, but that has not been acted upon - who will compensate the developer for all costs including legal? What price will the thugs (setting tire fires on a Provincial Highway) and thieves (using the developers building materials to fuel bonfires and to construct their own structures) pay? Guaranteed that it will be nothing remotely like what would be slapped on a "regular Canadian" who did these things. Still two tiered policing, and justice. One where "Natives" are treated with kid gloves, and another with harsh sentences for anyone else committing the same crimes. Welcome to Canada where "equal justice for all" is a hollow specious concept.

A CBC article here notes that Skyler Williams, is a named defendant (not among the "John Does") since he is the "face" of the movement, and via social media postings and his behaviour has engaged in defiance of the Court, particularly failure to comply with a signed promise not to return to the site. He is the one who can likely expect the most serious consequences for his illegal destructive actions. Hopefully the Hereditary Council will be held responsible for their actions in supporting this insurrection, and each member fined accordingly.

In reading Justice Harper's ruling of 21 August 2020, certain actions of the protesters were determined to be illegal, and criminal penalties for those involved will follow. Apparently once the injunction is deemed "permanent" then for example a subsequent road blockade would automatically be a criminal act and treated as such.

An article in The Spectator (here) outlines the back and forth between Justice Harper, who is demanding that the OPP do their job and enforce the order he has issued, and the OPP basically saying that situations involving "Natives" have to be treated differently. Yes, a clear admission of two tiered policing - black and white. This pathetic excuse for a Provincial police force needs to be replaced with one that will respect the orders of the court, and do their duty treating every citizen the same. No one buys the statements about a lot of behind the scenes work going on. The liaison officers have yet to prove they are worth 10 cents of their vast overtime pay. Time to try the RCMP, and if that is not feasible then the Canadian Forces in order to restore the rule of law. If anyone thinks it is the OPP that resulted in the dismantling of the barricades, then they do not know the area and who runs the show. We live in some sort of vaudeville act where everything is laughable and ridiculous - because that is the way it is here.

To add insult to injury, this author was on their way to West Haldimand Hospital to deal with an urgent medical matter - only to find the area in from the the DCE entrance being repaved and there being long waits for vehicles on each side of Argyle to "take their turn" in getting through this whole unnecessary and wasteful situation. So, who is paying for the repaving. That should be the responsibility of the Hereditary Council and their enforcement arm the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (who have extracted millions from developers over the years).

The CBC, known to be a tool of the Liberal Party (the new Conservative leader has vowed to end its funding), and a "cancel culture" mentality. In an article here they interview a number of women who say that it is the Judge's responsibility to consult with women because they are the traditional keepers of the land. Once again we get the spin, based on some factual information, but so distorted and so devoid of real history that this call is merely specious. Six Nations Clan Mother by tradition choose hereditary Chiefs from among their clan and family - and have the right to depose him if he fails to meet expectations. That is absolutely true in relation to the 17th or even 19th century. However today things are more complicated where in effect men have assumed all the roles in relation to land dealings (sales, surrenders). The last time that women were full partners in this decision making was 1789 when the signatures of the head women of both Mohawk Villages in the Mohawk Valley of New York where appended along with those of the Chiefs to a deed of sale of these properties to Jelles Fonda - a merchant with whom they were well familiar in the old homes. Since then the only signatures on key deeds (surrenders) have been men. Occasionally women who were widows or single would sell their properties to White settlers in the 1830s for example. However the belief that women had a special role to play in relation to the land is simply not seen in the history since the end of the 18th century. It is wishful thinking, or spin or whatever you want to call it. However, it sounds so appealing to those idealistic White folk who want to buy into this world view and are unwilling to search the documents for proof. They don't need proof, they have people claiming to "know" and the naive are all to willing to follow a good spin.

2 September 2020: After some time where nothing of substance has occurred in relation to the occupation of the Losani Development site (still ongoing), there is a ray of sunshine introduced into the mix. As reported in Turtle Island News here, the Six Nations Elected Council has proposed offering an apology to Caledonia for the "recent violence" associated with the take over of the development site - in other words the blockades and tire fires. Melba Thomas, who proposed this gesture of reconciliation, has always been a shining beacon of rationality amidst the surrounding chaos. She also proposes that Six Nations and Haldimand County work together on matters of mutual interest. An incredible stark contrast to the Williams of the world who seek to divide, and are seemingly unconcerned with the severe effect his and others behaviour has had on the residents of Caledonia - who have been unwitting victims of the incessant blockades and other disruptions since 2006 - 14 years! He played a key role then, being arrested and doing jail time for theft and assault - hardly a role model for younger Six Nations people.

4 September 2020: According to an article in the Brantford Expositor seen here, the OPP have arrested 4 more people for disobeying the Court Order of 25 August - two from Barrie, one from Napanee and one from Six Nations. They also arrested an "award winning journalist" from the Oneida of the Thames. The latter are a group of Oneidas who supported the American cause in the Revolution (i.e., were enemies of the Six Nations), but who in the 1840s purchased Crown Land near London on which to settle. This author has never understood how their land could be considered a Reserve, and their members "entitled" to all the perks from the Canadian taxpayer. Be that as it may, it appears that this individual is a troublemaker who will use his "journalistic credentials" as a cloak to cover his criminal activities.

In addition Haldimand County Council again expressed its frustration that the OPP have not arrested everyone who is still occupying the McKenzie Meadows (Losani) site, and are adamant that based on the Court Injunction, anyone who attempts to block a road or rail line in Haldimand must be subject to the full weight of the law and the barricade removed immediately. While blaming the OPP for inaction (which is all too obvious to us locals), the Council puts the ultimate blame on the Federal Government who are the only ones who are in a legal position to resolve the land dispute - and their willingness to do so has been tepid at best. Council said, “The cost and impacts on our community are mounting. Inaction is unacceptable.”  Furthermore, “Council acknowledges that the OPP has no role to play in the dispute’s underlying issues and is not in a position to resolve them, but expects that they will enforce the law with due process. Council further expects that the courts and relevant authorities will respect the injunctions and hold anyone brought before them accountable for their defiance of the law,”

7 September 2020:  Over the past few days the OPP had adopted a tactic to "pick off" individuals one or a few at a time, and not on site.  What they have been doing is identifying those non Six Nations individuals who are on the property illegally in defiance of the Court Injunction, and when they reach home receive an e-mail from the OPP requesting their presence in Cayuga.  At that point a Court date will be set and the individual must realize that they are potentially facing criminal charges with stiff penalties.  See The Spectator article here.

Those who are "indigenous", for example from the Oneida of the Thames Reserve, claim to be journalists and should be exempt.  A CHCH video, with a title "Indigenous journalist arrested for coverage of the Caledonia land development protests" here provides a skewed perspective on the realities of the situation - typical of people who do not live here.  This person was arrested because they were knowingly failing to conform to the requirements of the Court Injunction.  Of course, as is so often the case, these individuals claim that the OPP are displaying the new buzz word, "systemic racism" - and the "journalist" moans about having to explain to his daughter how her father is a victim of this recently discovered phenomenon.  No recognition of the fact that the local residents, and he is not one of us, are frustrated beyond words with this whole illegal take over and just want it to be done with and the facts exposed and the Federal Government to explain once again that the 1844 Surrender is perfectly valid - agreed to unanimously by the 45 Chiefs in Council.  

9 September 2020:  An article in The Hamilton Spectator here shows how businesses in Caledonia and Six Nations were "deeply impacted" to the point that the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce is asking for compensation from the Provincial Government.  The Land Back protest leader, Skyler Williams, claims it was others, supporters, who decided to erect the barricades - and implied that it caused a lot of dissension among the Six Nations.  He said that he regrets that the businesses in both locations were adversely affected, although there does not appear, based on his words and actions, to be any evidence that he cares two pins about the people of Caledonia - only the pressure he is receiving from Six Nations.

Today or tomorrow a letter of apology will be issued by the Six Nations Elected Council for all the "recent violence", and in particular the tire fires, and road blockades.  The initiative is being led by Councillor Melba Thomas - who the author has known to be a fair and reasonable person.  This information about the apology is from the Turtle Island News here, who also had to add in a statement that the matter related to a land take over of "unsurrendered land" in the Haldimand Tract. That of course is patently false, but widely believed among the Hereditary Council supporters.

11 September 2020:  Today I submitted a 17 page report detailing the land ownership of the Haldimand Tract region from 1638 until today - with a focus on Lot 3 Range West of Caledonia to Townsend (McKenzie) Road.  It was send with a link to my credentials, as a pdf file with the e-mail cover letter to every local, Provincial, Federal, Six Nations, OPP, reporters etc. individuals I could think "needed" to read the evidence.  I am still in negotiations with the OPP as to how best to deliver the documents to Skyler Williams, the leader of the protesters.

12 September 2020:  As the Court date for Skyler Williams looms (9 October), there have been a series of articles written by "Toronto people" who are misinformed and horribly biased in favour of anything "aboriginal" appearing in local (e.g., The Hamilton Spectator) and world (e.g., Yahoo News) venues.  One, from a Ph.D. candidate in Toronto, was so bad that I could not get past the second paragraph as the facts (e.g., from whom the developer purchased the land) were so twisted that I brought it to the attention of the Canadian academic organization that hosted this forum.  Many apologies resulted, but the damage has already been done (the rest of the article was worse).  Then we have an opinion piece appearing in The Toronto Star today, seen here, which uses the words "colonial violence" in the title.  I need not read further as it is nothing but an article in the same genre by Native apologists.  Apparently if you are "Native" you cannot be wrong.

Sometime around 3 o'clock another protest, with blockades, broke out at the "homeless encampment" at the corner of 6th Line and Argyle Street.  By 4 o'clock the OPP had barricaded off access from Canadian Tire northward.  I marched down to this site and the OPP said they could not allow me to proceed any further (like I would have done so on foot - I don't think so).  As usual, the officers were sympathetic and friendly, but I ended up just saying that I will read all about this one in the newspapers.  Son once again, unbelievably, we in Caledonia and made to suffer as innocent victims of this dispute by individuals who have no legitimate claim to any land in the area, including the "squatters encampment" in Douglas Creek Estates mentioned above.  So pathetic.

Meanwhile, there was a protest by supporters of this "cause" that closed Bloor Street in Toronto - while the police stood by and did nothing - what is new!  See the CBC article here.  Of course words such as "colonialism" and "genocide" had to be deployed.  They are mandatory words to be deployed by the protesters and the unwashed ignorant masses who support them when interviewed by reporters.

16 September 2020:  A Kitchener CTV article here reported that now a total of 22 individuals have been charged with offenses relating to the occupation of the McKenzie Meadows property.  Some have "turned themselves in".  The process of arresting later by phone call or e-mail is a "deescalation" strategy of the OPP - no direct onside confrontation.

At 1 p.m. the author met with the OPP, Constable Rod LeClair and two others, at the Cayuga Detachment in what was to be a handover of the report pertaining to land ownership in the Haldimand Tract, with specific reference to the disputed Lot 3, to be delivered to Skyler Williams.  However since the OPP offer did not include the option to hand deliver it personally to Williams, and speak with him directly, without the threat of being arrested, the author decided that this was not what was in the original proposal entailed and having the OPP deliver the report was a wrong headed approach.  The 3 of us had an enjoyable conversation for about 15 minutes then all went out separate ways (the Cayuga Detachment is closed for business at this time).

Turtle Island News, seen here, has returned to its status as a tool for the expression of the views only of the Hereditary Council - so much for a quick brush with objectivity.

17 September 2020:  A list of the 22 individuals arrested by the OPP can be found in an article in the Quinte News here, along with the changes each faces.

An article in The National Post here gives an overview of the matter and focusing on the recent actions of the OPP, and the reaction of the Foxgate Development lawyer - they, and their buyers, are caught in the middle with no power to do anything.

18 September 2020:  Skyler Williams submitted an Affidavit on this date.  Clearly this and the appended material was prepared by someone with legal training and reflects the fact that he will be supported by a network of "Native" lawyers and individuals at Six Nations (e.g., the Supervisor of the Lands and Resources Office") on both the Hereditary and Elected Council sides.  It would be unproductive at this time to respond to the spin on historical fact (e.g., the bogus "Nanfan Treaty" of 1701 and the supposed rights it entails).  It is never going to be about the facts, explored through the lens of critical thinking and analysis, it will always be about the same unsubstantiated spin which has been repeated so many times a great many people will assume it must be the correct interpretation.

21 September 2020:  Yesterday and today the author sent copies of postings from this blog on the subjects of Treaties and Land Surrenders, The Nanfan Treaty, the Duty to Consult, and Sovereignty to the legal team representing the developer in this dispute.  This was done to assist in responding to William's Affidavit with data relevant to the content of same.  Also sent was a Curriculum Vitae, extending to 2007 when the author retired from all "work".

22 September 2020:  An article in The Hamilton Spectator here reports that a 54 year old Six Nations female has been charged with,  arson, two counts of mischief, disobeying a court order and failure to comply with an undertakingFurthermore, the arson charges are for, is in relation to demonstration activities off-site from McKenzie Meadows.  In all probability the charges probably relate to the tire fires on Argyle Street, or the excavator, prior to the removal of the barricades.  Of course the spin coming from the Williams team is that this is a violation of their "sovereignty" - an illusion that just will not submit to the facts.

25 September 2020:  In an article in the CBC here, it is noted that the Ontario Police Services Board calls the protestors "terrorists" and correctly outlines the behaviours that would support that claim.  Meanwhile an NDP MP from Hamilton, Matthew Green (who is Black, which may or may not be of any relevance) bashes away at those of us in Haldimand who have suffered so long and he has zero understanding of our plight or the facts of the matter.  He gets to toss the term "racist" around - which is hardly unexpected.  He also visited the site, without the permission of the owner, yet was not arrested, which may imply a double standard for OPP arrests.  There is also a correct assessment of the ownership of the Lot in question.  It was not sold by an Indian to a White man in the 1830s and the land was occupied via "squatters rights" and later patented.  However that is entirely irrelevant since the point is that after 1844 all of the land outside the present day Reserve was surrendered to the Crown for sale with the monies being put in trust.

Another article from the CBC here reports that two "Indigenous" musicians will be playing some sort of gig at the Land Back protest site.  The article was written by a known radical from South America who seems to believe that he is an expert in local Canadian Native issues.  Not unexpected that we here comments about the OPP being agents of Canadian corporations and other unsupported nonsense.

The OPP Twitter feed here warns anyone planning to attend functions at the protest site this weekend that the injunctions are still in place at the McKenzie Meadows location - providing copies of the injunction on this site.

27 September 2020:  An article in The Hamilton Spectator here notes that Haldimand Police Services Board Chair Bernie Corbett has adamantly asserted that Hamilton MP Mathew Green should be arrested just like any other person who has been charged for the same act by the OPP.  Green, who is Black, illegally visited the protest site and is spewing the leftist spiel about colonial violence and matters where one wonders how he would come to these conclusions except by uncritically accepting the "victims perspective".

29 September 2020:  Based on a CBC report here, the OPP has issued a warrant for the arrest of Skyler Williams for a series of offences, and the contractors are set to return to the site to install infrastructure.  Clearly the OPP were affected by the Police Services Board castigation a few days earlier where members used terms such as "terrorism".

30 September 2020:  Information as above found in an article in The here, plus a detailed timeline of events to date.

The Turtle Island News here reports that two Elected Councilors, and a senior Band official have condemned the acts associated with the take over of the development site as "violent".  Finally an acknowledgement for some in authority at Six Nations that the actions of the protesters were destructive and wrong.  It must have been difficult to make this declaration, since as with certain well known associations, there is a code of silence - which is seen in just about every facet of life at Six Nations including the Residential School.  As to the latter, many elders have said privately that they enjoyed and profited from their time there, but that is not "the party line" so they know to keep their thoughts among a trusted group only.  So kudos to Councilors Wendy Johnson and Helen Miller.

An Opinion piece in The Hamilton Spectator today seen here illustrates how people who do not understand the complexities of the situation, or have not read the original documents in full, can come to conclusions based on political correctness and the perception of the Indian as the victim.  Not surprising that this article was written by a McMaster University professor - where the universities these days are hotbeds of Marxist - Antifa "indoctrination" where terms such as "colonial injustice" and "cultural genocide" have become embedded in the teaching as valid unassailable concepts that must be accepted  otherwise one is not "woke" and is of course "racist".

The Londoner here reports that Williams has no plans to turn himself in as required by the OPP.  Events are still occurring there (e.g., Lacrosse game; entertainment), the building work is progressing and Williams hopes that 9 October (the court return date) will be a day of protest.  They indicate that the lawyer for the developer, William Liske, is adamant that he has all the proper paperwork and has completed all the requirements to allow his company to proceed, however he did meet with members of the hereditary council to understand their perspective.  

5 October 2020:  On Sunday (yesterday) at about 2 pm the author noticed that there were OPP cruisers blocking access to Argyle Street south of Canadian Tire (Braemar Street).  The reason is found in an article in The Hamilton Spectator here.  Apparently the OPP attempted to execute a warrant for Skyler Williams while the latter was shopping in Ancaster.  Williams resisted, jumped in his car, hit a police car and another vehicle and the police allowed him to speed away - no consequences.  Resisting arrest is a serious offence as is hit and run involving two vehicles - this should add to the litany of charges Williams is facing.  Apparently the punishment was directed, once again, at Caledonia and Argyle Street was blocked for 24 hours - all the while the OPP had the authority to dismantle the barricade and arrest those who installed it.  What a complete fiasco - and who as always pays the price - Caledonia.

As of 7 am, today, Argyle Street is open as per CHCH News here.  Similar information is provided in an article in The Hamilton Spectator here, along with a succinct timeline of key events in the "protest".

Former elected Chief William Montour weighed in on the status of the present negotiations with the Ontario and Federal Governments, as seen here in a CBC News article.

7 October 2020:  An article in The Hamilton Spectator here indicates that contractors for Losani Homes attempted to locate infrastructure on the County lands outside the protest site but were met by a dozen or so protesters and were told that, "they don't pay you enough" (to take the risk of staying).  There were two OPP liaison officers present, however within a short time they all left allowing the protesters to "win" once again.  Also, despite saying that the protest is non violent, that is a lie, the contractors were basically intimidated by these "domestic terrorists" and forced away from a legitimate legal work site by threat.

9 October 2020:  Today is a / the "big day" in terms of the Losani protest.  All parties return to court and their affidavits will be used by Justice Harper to arrive at a determination.  As seen in a CBC News article here, the OPP claim that clearing the property would only incite more violence to the roads, rail and infrastructure in retaliation for what amounts to enforcing the law.  The protesters maintain that the land is within a "red zone" where there is a moratorium on development.  The developers assert that their rights, after following all laws, have been abrogated and are subservient to those of the protesters in the eyes of the OPP.  They state that the situation will cause irreparable harm to themselves and other developers in the area, and that 500 families will not get homes they have already paid for.

So, perhaps realizing that they are going to lose out at McKenzie Meadows, a group of 30 Six Nations protesters stopped all work at a development site at the corner of Argyle Street and Greens Road at the far north end of town.  This as reported by The Hamilton Spectator here.  So this matter is truly never ending.  The problem for the protesters is that getting reinforcement in quickly is not so easy at this new location, especially if the OPP block the Highway 6 Caledonia Bypass which leads into Greens Road then down to Argyle Street (Highway 6).

According to The Brantford Expositor here, the matter has been adjourned to 22 October.  This is simply dragging the matter out and guess who will be paying the price, Caledonia!

More specifics are given in a CBC News article here, where Justice R.J. Harper said if the camp occupiers vacated he would hear constitutional arguments presented by Skyler Williams, the spokesperson for 1492 Land Back Lane. Harper said if they remain on the site, he would exclude Williams from the scheduled hearing and hear arguments only from lawyers representing the subdivision developer, Foxgate Developments, and Haldimand County, the municipal authority that oversees Caledonia, which are seeking the permanent injunction.

An article in The Hamilton Spectator here states much the same thing, The judge gave Six Nations land defender Skyler Williams an ultimatum.  Williams can leave 1492 Land Back Lane, the occupied Caledonia construction site he has called home since mid-July, and continue to argue his case in court proceedings later this month.  That option would mean putting himself at risk of arrest for violating a court order preventing anyone not connected with Foxgate Developments from being on the site of the planned McKenzie Meadows subdivision.

Or, Superior Court Justice R. John Harper said Friday at the Cayuga courthouse, Williams can stay on the land and forfeit his right to participate in an Oct. 22 hearing, where the judge will determine whether a pair of injunctions related to the occupation should be made permanent.

16 October 2020:  Today in CBC News here, it was reported that, the co-ordinator for  archeological and environmental monitoring for the Haudenosaunee Development Institute, said his vehicle was swarmed by OPP cruisers during his arrest on Oct. 9.

"They rushed my car and tried to unlock it, to get me out," said [Todd] Williams. 

Williams was involved that day in actions temporarily blocking three Caledonia subdivision construction sites —  currently in the archeological phase. 

This follow the arrest of Skyler William's wife and a musician Tom Wilson, bringing the total number of arrests related to this protest to 33.

20 October 2020:  In The Hamilton Spectator, seen here, the reporter noted that the Criminal phase of the protest matter began today in Cayuga where 6 people given until 22 November to obtain a lawyer and prepare evidence in a case where the prosecutor is seeking two years less a day in jail and a $5,000 fine.  Each has the choice of accepting a plea deal, or having the matter proceed to trial before a Superior Court Judge.  All 6 were among those who were arrested 5 August when they, despite the court order, returned to the protest site.  The Civil phase will begin 22 October.

21 October 2020:  Based on an articles in The Hamilton Spectator here, rocks and a bucket of feces was thrown at an OPP cruiser parked on Argyle Street in Caledonia about 2 pm today.  The suspects, from the protest site, fled on foot.  Real class act - that could result in significant criminal charges.  Trusting that when caught these worthies will have the book thrown at them.  How disgusting can they be - well we now have a partial answer.

22 October 2020:  The "big day" is here at last - when Justice Harper of the Superior Court will rule on whether to make the injunctions against the occupation of McKenzie Meadows by the self styled "land defenders", and the injunction ordering that there be no more blockades in Haldimand County, permanent.  The Hamilton Spectator reports here that, "Justice R. John Harper’s ruling bars all road barricades in Haldimand County and limits access to the 25-acre site on McKenzie Road to those authorized by Foxgate Developments, which plans to build a 218-unit housing development on what the land defenders assert is unceded Haudenosaunee territory".  Skyler Williams, spokesperson for these "land defenders" insists that the land in unceded (false), and that they will appeal the ruling.

In an entirely predictable move (since their is little imagination among the protesters - only perseveration), they have, according to the OPP Twitter feed, blocked Argyle Street and the OPP have closed Argyle between Braemar and Highway 6 - same old, same old.

Shortly after the court decision, skirmishes with the OPP and the old standby, tire fires, were the order of the day.  The "homeless encampment" at the 6th Line and Argyle Street was the scene of on confrontation.  Apparently the Caledonia bypass is blockaded and I expect that the railway will be in the same situation.  Meanwhile, in the heart of the action, the worthies decided to repeat their actions of a month ago and set a tire fire across Argyle Street at the Douglas Creek Estates entrance - again.  The author arrived about 5 pm to see black sooty clouds of smoke billowing upwards from Argyle Street engulfing the area of both sides of the road.  The fires were primarily in the center of Argyle, and much more seriously, around the base of a Hydro One pole on which set a transformer.  All the while the OPP did nothing, although on one occasion told all of us assembled there to move back into the Canadian Tire parking lot because "something was going to happen" - which never did.  After interviews with 4 media groups, and as it was after 8 pm, cold, and I had nothing to eat since noon - and finding Tim Hortons closed - I came home.  Will see which of my interviews make it to the 11 pm news.  See CBC News here for the first part just before the tires were set ablaze opposite Douglas Creek Estates.

The Hamilton Spectator here reported that overnight the barricades on Argyle Street were made more "permanent" with an overturned school bus and car, and McKenzie Road was dug up in places.  So the OPP have a choice to make - will they or will they not honour the court injunction that has been made permanent - the McKenzie Meadows site must be cleared of trespassers; and there can be no more barricades of any road in Haldimand County.


It was at this point that life's circumstances and the sheer volume of material resulting from the protesters antics demanded that this author back away.  In particular after the "land defenders" stole heavy equipment and trenched the Caledonia Bypass (Highway 6), the Railway tracks, Argyll Street, and McKenzie Road I threw up my hands in disgust when the OPP did precisely nothing - and the beat goes on - which dictated the futility of it all.  Then when, due to the one detour from all southern entrances (all trenched), I came close to being involved in a potentially deadly head on crash, that the decision was made to turn to other pursuits.  The incident occurred due to an 18 wheeler being forced (there being no other route to Hagersville and beyond) to turn south off Highway 54 at the York Bridge.  Due to the high profile of the vehicle, a small sedan did not see my truck coming along Highway 54 and bolted from the stop sign at the northern end of the bridge and tested my "cat quick reflexes".  Never have I been so grateful for this skill that, despite my age, is still retained intact.  

Enough is enough, and for the foreseeable future this "land defender" topic will be off limits.  There are class action suits pending, and court appearances to be made, so events of some significance are sure to occur.  Hopefully the mainstream media will do an adequate job in covering all relevant matters.  I will, however, next post links to the lies and myths which the "land defenders" deploy in the service of justifying their illegal and immoral actions.