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Outrageous Extortion - Haudenosaunee Group Demanding "Donation" to Park at Edinburgh Square for the Caledonia Fair

This just in!!! 

Friday 26 September 2014:

A very irate reader reported that he was harassed when he took pictures of the sign and "donation bucket" at the entrance to parking at Edinburgh Square in Caledonia.  This access was controlled by some unidentified Haudenosaunee group, who were hostile to his presence, and the fact that he took pictures of the site.  They tried to deny him access to the site even though only walking, and demanded to know why he was taking pictures.  I understand that the response was, "It is for me to know, and for you to discover".  That did not seem to sit well with the female who appeared to be "in charge" of the operation.  Her greatest concern was that pictures not be taken of her and anyone else present.  Apparently she was assured that [despite no requirement to do so] that no one will be seen in any frame, only "objects". 

My informant called the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to make a formal complaint when this woman who appeared to be "in charge" followed him and took a picture of himself and his vehicle license plate.  Considering this very intrusive and bordering on stalking he expressed to the author concern that this group of militants were affiliated with the less savoury elements at Six Nations - some of whom have been at times observed "shadowing" him since his vehicle is recognized by those most active in illegal - invalid land claims and violence.  Apparently the specific complaint to the OPP was simply that a group was trying to obtain money, which was required via a "donation", to park in what is a public area and if regulated, should be via Haldimand County who owns the property.

This property is the site of the Haldimand Heritage and Cultural Centre (see here).

Historic building at Edinburgh Square

The Edinburgh Square matter is one of many unsubstantiated, unsupported, invalid land claims made by some Haudenosaunee group or groups based on the old (outdated) Six Nations Lands and Resources claim that the land on which the present Museum stands is unsurrendered / unceded as seen here via the Six Nations Lands and Resources website.

Side view of old municipal building at Edinburgh Square - now a Museum

Map of Edinburgh Square E, Caledonia, ON N3W 1C2

It appears likely that the rationale for having a presence at Edinburgh Square at the time of the Caledonia Fair is to bring attention to the unsupported claim, once again without any legal basis for doing so.  It might not be entirely outlandish to think that perhaps this move is connected with an upcoming possible protest at the site of the proposed McClung housing development by Empire Builders.  Here 3,500 homes are to be constructed on 532 acres of land on the east and west sides of McClung Road at the far eastern end of Caledonia, at the corner of Caithness Street and McClung Road. 

As my recent postings about the matter (see here) have stated, it is unlikely that the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) will "permit" this massive development on what they will try to justify as unceded land without "consultation" and "accommodation" and conforming to their "protocol".  In other words, if past behavior is any indication of future behavior (it is), the HDI will be demanding their "cut" of the profits in the form of cash and land as compensation - otherwise there may well be work stoppages and other efforts to inhibit development until the developer caves and conforms to the demands of whatever Six Nations faction is "in charge" at the moment. 

Returning to the immediate situation of controlling access to parking in a public place, hopefully the OPP will be able to determine whether there are any permits that would justify these actions, since in the past this land has been used as public parking by visitors to the Fair.

Haudenosaunee Land Donation Parking

Entrance to Haudenosaunee Parking Lot
Porta Potty at the ready - back of building at Edinburgh Square
There were over 20 vehicles parked here (behind the camera position in the above picture), but people by in large seemed to be avoiding this option for parking.  It would be interesting to canvass the reasons why they were looking elsewhere.
The author will send someone tomorrow (Saturday) to see whether the enterprise is still a going concern, or whether they were shut down.  Perhaps it was only a Friday venture since the main parking needs will be on the weekend, and likely managed by County officials.  The OPP will, however, be investigating on Saturday to determine what laws may be being violated should this or any other group without permits attempt to control parking in this location.  Any further developments will be added here.
Saturday 27 September 2014:
Enroute to the Fair on Saturday afternoon my reader noticed that the parking donation sign was still up.
"Donation" Sign on Saturday

The parking, though not full at 3 pm, was at least 2/3 full meaning that that many cars had made a "donation".  A "new woman" was present, and she was asked whether the police had come to ask about permits and such.  She confirmed that the OPP indeed had been there, and that she does have a permit to operate the site (which I doubt very much).  She knew about a person who yesterday had taken pictures, and claimed that the police were told about this (as if it is a crime!).  Clearly the OPP chose not to shut down the operation, for whatever reason.

Relatively full parking behind Edinburgh Square on Saturday
While at the Fair, my reader approached two OPP officers to inquire as to whether the officer who promised to investigate the matter was on duty.  These officers seemed completely disinterested when it was explained that the Haudenosaunee had set up an illegal operation to extract money from unsuspecting visitors - it was unclear if they knew what the word "Haudenosaunee" meant.  One did promise to contact the officer who had called the day before and request that he provide an update.  As of the time of writing, Sunday 28 September 2014, apparently that has not happened.  If the officer does make contact, I will add an addendum here. 
As an aside, the "demolition derby" at the Caledonia Fair (the 8 cylinder car event on Saturday night) seemed to reflect some animosity (or was it friendly rivalry) between the participants from Ohsweken (Six Nations) and those from Caledonia.  One of the drivers from Ohsweken became so enraged at being knocked out the competition that he got out of his car (a no no) and went over the a Caledonia driver's car and tore some material out of it, then walked out of the stone ring.  This was the only example of bad sportsmanship I saw throughout the entire event.  All other Six Nations participants entirely played by the rules.
My take on this is that the OPP still have a "hands off" policy re Six Nations, and disrespect Caledonia residents.  We shall see.
Sunday 28 September and Monday 29 September 2014:
The much anticipated phone call from the officer who promised to personally investigate the situation has not materialized to this point.
As I recall, in years gone by, legitimate groups such as the Rotary or Lions Clubs have obtained permission to orchestrate the parking of cars on the grass behind the building at Edinburgh Square.  This year a militant Haudenosaunee group expecting that Caledonians will be content to contribute more to their own misery has somehow been able to turn the parking into a money making proposition to likely fund the legal costs of the HDI or general funds used to push forward invalid land claims.  It was not been stopped by the OPP.  Did the group have permits to engage in this behavior from Haldimand County?  If so that is truly bizarre.  If there were no permits, then once again the OPP has shown its true colours - yellow.  Thus we can predict what is likely to transpire this coming weekend when another Hereditary Council affiliated group will shut down Highway 6 all day on Saturday and Sunday.  At present, my prediction is that the OPP will do nothing in the way of policing, but simply guide motorists toward alternate routes.  Time will tell.  I always attempt to give our Provincial police force the benefit of the doubt, but time and time again have been bitterly disappointed.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Perimeter of the Fence Around DCE (Kanonhstaton), and Appearance of the Site, as of 25 September 2014

Having been out of country for the last while, I was curious to see for myself what the new chain link fence at the former Douglas Creek Estates property looked like, and how it fit into the landscape.  Recall that this structure was placed on land owned by the Province of Ontario, without their permission.  The group that had prime responsibility for erecting the fence was the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) under the leadership of their very vocal Director, and with the advice of their non - Native legal representative who, however, according to those who defend a non - Native licenced lawyer involving themselves in such questionable dealings, is "of a good mind".

Anyway, what follows is a series of pictures taken on site to allow readers to see the "progress" being made - all the while the Province and County stand by idly apparently not knowing what to do here.  The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) of course is standing down - but in this case I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  I seriously doubt that any one at any level of government has requested that they intervene and stop the illegal construction of this "permanent" fence (I examined it carefully and it is meant to last).  Here follow the images with statements about location:

"Welcome to Six Nations" - although it is NOT Six Nations land
Looking south from the entrance to Surrey Street

"Entrance" to Surrey Street - Note part of stolen Hydro One tower still in place

Looking west along Surrey Street to one remaining intact building (other than the "gatehouse")

The "land protectors "have been hard at work

A gate post for the supposed "aesthetically pleasing" gate (yet to be installed)
Chain link fence extending south from above gate
Gate and fence at Braemar and Thistlemoor cul de sac
Fence from gate looking west at cul de sac
 Assessment:  The fence is substantial, and as chain link fences go, is not in any way tacky.  The entire perimeter of DCE is not covered, but the "key" parts are.  It is likely a statement of supposed ownership (despite the evidence, which of late has never imposed any sort of barrier to conceptualizing what is true and what is false among many factions at Six Nations).  The main gate at Surrey Street has not been erected as yet.  All of the Mohawk Warrior flags have been removed (as of the date of writing), and there is just one Confederacy flag present, which is situated near the Surrey Street gate site.
It should be noted that one "sore spot" between Six Nations and Caledonia residents, the burned out big rig trailer from 2006 has been removed - to join the other burned out hulks (mostly cars and light trucks) on the Reserve, perhaps.
The 40 acre site is still the same topsoil stripped, tick infested, environmentally scared waste land - but of course it has "symbolic value" - but realistically is useless for any proposed purpose.  Those that frequent the place are angry, foul mouthed boors with no evidence of any class - ready to "do battle" with residents and to have even their young children yell the vilest foulest epithets at those who happen to reside near the fence.  This I have directly from those who have experienced these thugs and mini - thugs.  Their parents have taught them well.  This is what we can expect of the upcoming generation at Six Nations - more ill educated, unemployed militants who cannot live without the Government largesse, but who resent having to be dependent on the Canadian State - and taxpayers.  It is unfortunate that those who are enterprising individuals at Six Nations will tend to be tarred with the same brush - unless they speak out and state emphatically that these ill mannered aggressive loud mouths are an embarrassment to the rest of the Community.
At this point no one knows what will become of this fence.  I am guessing that all levels of government would prefer that that matter just be ignored as it has for 8 years.  Meanwhile the illegal claimants are attempting to establish ownership rights by default.  If they fence the property, and no level of government attempts to stop them, they will assert that due to [provide your own rationale], the land once known as the Douglas Creek Estates belongs to [add the group you think will assert rights].  Covetous eyes are being cast at other lands such as in Seneca and South Cayuga Townships - only the tip of a very large iceberg whose extent is anyone's guess since there are groups at Six Nations who want all of the Haldimand Tract under their control in one form or other.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Highway 6 to be Shut Down by Six Nations Militants on October 4th and 5th, 2014

In October of 2013 I began this blog, now with over 150 postings, as a result of one specific event.  I had been caught in the traffic nightmare caused by a group of largely youthful Six Nations members who were protesting the fracking for natural gas in New Brunswick and thus supporting the local Natives in that area who were then throwing Molotov cocktails at RCMP and other vehicles.  They decided to block Highway 6 (the main artery between Caledonia and Hagersville and primary north - south route) between 4th and 5th Line.  It was a "last straw" in my frustration with those at Six Nations who are so completely inconsiderate and ignorant as to inconvenience their fellow citizens in order to get a point across, irrespective of the legitimacy of the cause or consequences to others.  I don't mind saying that I was "blazing angry" and dedicated to extracting my "pound of flesh" from these immature largely young adult and adolescent individuals who were propelled and encouraged by a social media campaign orchestrated by a Reserve newspaper.  This group of youthful idealists and unemployed n'er do wells could not care less about emergency vehicle access or the possibility that people could lose their lives because of the recklessness of their actions.  I vowed to do my part in bringing information (evidence, data) to a situation where factions at Six Nations were making completely unsupported, but widely believed, statements (e.g., about the significance of the Two Row Wampum "treaty") that no one at the time was challenging.

What galled me even more about the road blockage, however, was that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) stood by and acted as traffic cops instead of arresting the perpetrators.  Later, when the OPP had the opportunity to lay charges in the matter, they refused.  Without a shadow of a doubt, if any White person or group had decided to block Highway 6, within nanoseconds they would be hauled away and the road re-opened.  This hypocrisy and two - tiered policing has been something that our local Haldimand County community has endured for 8 years since the violent take over of the Douglas Creek Estates by Six Nations militants - effectively castrating the OPP and allowing Six Nations radicals to run rampant. 

So, according to an announcement in "Turtle Island News" (TIN) of 17 September 2014 (p.3) entitled, Highway 6 to be shut down, it is "deja vu" one year later.

Specifically, The Six Nations Men's Fire group says it will shut down Highway 6 at fourth Line October 4 and 5th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to draw attention to Missing and Murdered Women.  Some further details about this illegal and disruptive plan can be found in a recent article in "Two Row Times" seen here.   Similarly, an article in "The Sachem" about this subject was published recently and can be seen here.

As to the legitimacy of "the cause", it should be noted that groups such as radicals from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Eastern Ontario have used a very similar course of action, blocking the main rail line between Montreal and Toronto.  This caused major disruptions to individuals, and millions of dollars in lost revenue to the railways and those who ship via this route.  The rationale was the same, the "demand" for an inquiry into the murdered and missing Native women.  As to the facts, I am not aware that the "missing and murdered" problem is impacting the Six Nations or the Tyendinaga Reserves.  It is a problem that seems linked to the most isolated reserves largely in the northern communities.  The problem is social isolation, boredom, alcoholism, gasoline sniffing, drug abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, domestic violence, sexual assaults, rampant incest, poverty, hopelessness, depression, suicide and on and on with a litany of problems that do not require a special inquiry.  We know that the problem can be traced to the extremely dysfunctional situation on northern reserves which result in Native women leaving their home communities with no skills and few street smarts.  They are disadvantaged and are ripe for the pickings of predators due to the vulnerability of these women.  Many are virtually forced by circumstances to turn to the sex trade to support themselves (and often their drug addiction) - again, among the most riskiest of endeavours.  The unfortunate women from abusive environments and dysfunctional communities are far more likely to engage in very reckless actions such as hitch hiking, a notoriously dangerous behavior in this day and age, and are then selected as targets by those who would prey on the weak and vulnerable.  The Loretta Saunders case is typical of the problem that can be linked to an abusive or chaotic home environment, and criminals (both male and female) who sense the opportunity to target them, victimizing these unfortunate women.  We do not need a national inquiry to tell us what we already know.  Two individuals were arrested in the Saunders case and here it was a law enforcement issue, as is the position of the Federal Government on these matters.  We have the perpetrators in custody.  As to the root causes, there is no easy answer as all potential "solutions" have been tried and most have failed.  Pouring more money into northern communities has not and will not work.  The problem is endemic and radical solutions have the greatest chance of success - but will be met with political outcry.  These reserves should really be closed and the people be given the choice as to where to move.  Many have come to this conclusion on their own, and Winnipeg in particular is home to large numbers of those escaping the tyranny of their former communities - although their vulnerability once again sets the stage for potential victimization.  The "blame" here can squarely be laid at the doorstep of the northern reserves which are unable to make any positive changes, often because of local corruption where chiefs and their family and friends profit from government largess, but the majority of the people live in abject poverty.  The sheer magnitude of the problem, which is impervious to local "solutions", will at times make any well intentioned efforts fruitless and frustrating.  The growing anger of Canadians, sick and tired of demands by Native groups to investigate matters that have been thoroughly explored, and where the ultimate blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the communities which are home to the missing and murdered women, is reflected in a very angry blog posting of 10 September 2014, seen here.  There is general agreement that it is high time that the Native communities and Native groups who have being loudest in "demanding" yet another inquiry into the same matter look squarely in the mirror before expecting the government which they disdain spend millions of taxpayer dollars (the Native groups do not need to pay a penny for the demanded redundant inquiries).  Perhaps if they paid taxes like every other Canadian they would look at things somewhat differently - but if it is someone else's money - what does it matter?  This is especially so especially when political hay can be harvested by garnering the sympathy of the left leaning groups who can be expected to stand in "solidarity" over any Native issue irrespective of the merits - making it look like large numbers of Canadians stand with them.  Those who have seen the numerous reports on the subject by the RCMP and other agencies will realize that the answer is and has been evident for many years.  The answer, severe dysfunction and social decay in the communities of origin of these missing and murdered women.  I suspect that these young idealists or militants of whatever stripe have never read in detail any of the available reports.

Returning to the events set to transpire in early October, the Haldimand County OPP (with the support of Brant County officers) now have a few weeks to plan strategy and take action to ensure that they are not enablers, but enforcers of the law.  As soon as any attempt is made to establish a Highway 6 closure they can move in with heavy equipment at the ready, as well as paddy wagons to transport the perpetrators immediately to the Cayuga Detachment Headquarters.  Only swift and decisive action will serve as a warning that these dangerous and illegal acts will not be tolerated.  One law for all citizens - nothing else will do.  If the OPP fail to act, then we have once again been abandoned by the law and the police force whose job it is to serve and protect.  If they refuse to do their duty, citizens have no choice but to form a Haldimand County Militia with the resources to do what the OPP should, but won't, do.  A phone call to the OPP immediately after the first announcement of the planned blockade brought a promise that the key officer at the Cayuga Detachment would return the call.  That never happened.

Clearly it is time for action to be taken on the part of the citizens of Haldimand.  Some possibilities include blocking the Chiefswood Road bridge which is a major entry point to the Six Nations Reserve for the same length of time Highway 6 is blocked.  Other possibilities include making citizens arrests at the Highway 6 blockade, dialing 911, and remaining at the scene with suitable numbers of other residents to await the arrival of the OPP or the riot squad (which should be at the ready).

I encourage all Haldimand residents to participate in expressing our complete and utter frustration with the militant antics of Six Nations members, and the impotency of the authorities charged with enforcing the law.


Another Caledonia 2006 in the Making - Threats Against the McClung Housing Project in Caledonia by Six Nations Activists

I hate to say I told you so, but ..............

November 2013

The monumental housing development which will see Caledonia double in size has received scant publicity.  I blogged about it back in November 2013 (see here), and predicted that the nonchalant upbeat attitude expressed by local Haldimand County politicians was very premature since it will without a doubt come to the attention of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) and potentially set the stage for another Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) 2006 violent land reclamation.  No one seemed to listen, or just played ostrich (head in the sand), hoping that nothing untoward would happen - magically or by some miraculous intervention. 

The HDI had laid out their agenda with respect to such developments (they have a "protocol" and expect "consultation" and "accommodation"), and it goes without saying (or at least should), that they will be sure to become involved in a mega project that could line their pockets with lots of cold cash.  That is their modus operandi.  They will demand to be heard separate from the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) (who will have their own agenda), and eventually the potential exists for all hell to break loose.  It should be obvious, but with the warm glow of sugar plums dancing in the heads of politicians, all they could envision was extensive housing tracts as far as the eye can see immediately east of Caledonia, with a huge shot in the arm of the local economy, and tax revenues flowing endlessly into the depleted coffers of Haldimand County.  Idealistic and naieve I fear.

Somewhat later I began, but did not post, the following information update about the project:

April 2014:
Considering the magnitude of the proposed Empire Communities mega project, it is amazing that so little information has been found in the local newspapers.  I don't recall either the Turtle Island News or Two Row Wampum devoting a line to this housing and industrial complex that would be ten times the size of the contentious Douglas Creek Estates which was the subject of a "reclamation" and chaos that still reigns in the southern tier of Caledonia.

The Sachem provided a good overview of the plans as they stood in 2013, as seen described in my posting here.  Basically 3500 residential housing units are planned for the McClung Road area in the far northeastern edge of Caledonia.  With an estimated 10,000 new residents it would in effect be a second Caledonia beside the present Town. 

In The Sachem, Thursday 10 April 2014, p.36, is found an article, Developer hopes to get draft approvals this summer, we see how far this work has progressed - not far.  Haldimand County Council is "deciding whether to approve the draft plans", and there are still a few "glitches" to work out.  For example the Grand River Conservation Authority is not happy with the proposed changes to Seneca and Lindsay Creeks and the flatlands.  Of course everyone sounds upbeat, but issues such as "traffic impact" are significant in a town where driving and parking on the weekend can make for very frustrating experiences - imagine if Caledonia was double in size - the traffic alone would be a huge nightmare at best.  Try to imagine the bridge traffic alone - a guaranteed set up for frequently occurring road rage - despite the fact that Caledonia drivers by in large tend to be very courteous and considerate.  Perhaps the Caledonia Highway 6 bypass, if extended between Green and Whitechurch Roads would absorb some of the overflow.  Apparently, "The McClung proposal is the largest and most complex development that the County has had to deal with, according to staff".

The developer hopes to have four or five model homes built (as was the case at DCE when the "reclamation" occurred.

The only thing encouraging here is that, "no approvals have been granted yet for this development" - mercifully.

So with the prospect of this new development being on a far grander scale that the DCE, why have Six Nations seemingly ignored this proposed housing tract looming on a grand scale?

August 2014:

In this month "The Sachem" ran two articles on the McClung Development.  On 6 August 2014, the article, Council approves draft plan for 3,500-unit McClung development can be seen here.  If all goes according to plan (therein lies the rub as we shall see) this project will be the largest in the 13 year history of the municipality.  It was reported that, After going through the 135-page staff report, council approved the Official Plan and zoning bylaw amendment as well as draft plan for the 3,500-unit development along McClung Road in Caledonia.  Furthermore, Empire Communities plans to utilize the 532 acres of land in northeast Caledonia at the southwest corner of Haldimand Road 66 to create up to 3,500 residential units on the east and west side of McClung Road.

This includes a mix of singles, semis, townhouses and apartments developed over many years depending on the real estate market.

There are many further details about the specifics of this development to be found in the article, but which are peripheral to the point in relation to the potential reaction of the Six Nations to this residential development.

It is worth looking at the comments section relating to this article.

More recently "The Sachem" (22 August 2014, see here) ran an article entitled, Caledonia responds to 3,500 - unit McClung development.  Further information about the timetable is provided here:

“What we’re hoping to do is some earth moving this year [in the] late fall,” said Stephen Armstrong, manager of land division with Empire Communities, which includes grading to get the site ready for construction.

Armstrong said residents can expect to see model homes and a sales centre constructed on site next spring, and depending on how the sales go, they want to install pipes in the ground to service the first phase of the project next fall.

The project is now moving full steam ahead after Empire Communities received draft plan approval from council earlier this month for the development that could see Caledonia double in size over the next 10 to 15 years.

This article focuses on the responses of various community members to the development.  However, importantly, no one from Six Nations was interviewed here. 

While those who are long time residents are not entirely pleased with the whole matter, citing boxy cookie cutter units and inevitable traffic issues, those who are involved with the business community are understandably highly optimistic.  For example, Ken Parr, president of the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce, said he’s hearing positive responses from Caledonia business owners who are eager to see the growth in population.

“I think it’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for our community. From the business perspective, we are looking forward to having more commerce,” said Parr.

Once again the comments to this article are quite informative in and of themselves.

So, what will Six Nations have to say about the whole business, especially since their "reclamation" of the Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) in 2006 created anarchy and tensions that still remain to this day.  Their (HDI) negative response to the McKenzie Meadows Development immediately east of DCE, despite (or because of) the Elected Council's agreement with the developer which would have seen monies for a Native language immersion school provided for each unit completed, does not auger well for the McClung development.  The location of McClung, on the other side of the River and further away from the Reserve, may affect the dynamic (it would pose difficulties not seen at DCE in shutting anything down), but that remains to be seen.

I have followed the two Reserve newspapers since the McClung Development was announced last November, and did not see any reference whatsoever to this project that vastly overshadows DCE.  Since Six Nations (Elected Council, but particularly Confederacy Council) have asserted some sort of entitlement to be compensated in some fashion for just about every thing of consequence that happens within 100 or so miles, surely they would react - eventually.  Finally, in September, it appears that someone read the recent article in "The Sachem", and the word spread quickly.  The response is as follows.

September 2014:

"Turtle Island News" (TIN) on 10 September 2014 (p.7) published an article entitled, Confederacy/Band not consulted on Caledonia subdivision.  Here there appears to be an expression of surprise that, Haldimand County Council has approved a draft plan for a 3,500 - home subdivision slated to be built next spring but there has been no consultation with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) on the massive project.

They further state, completely erroneously, that, The proposed more than $80 million subdivision sits on unceded Six Nations land only a few kilometres northwest of the former Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) housing development site in Caledonia that Six Nations people shut down in 2006

So it appears that once again, despite irrefutable evidence, some factions within the Six Nations community consider that the McClung land is on territory that was never included in a surrender.  This does not bode well for the smooth sailing of the development since everyone here knows what these words mean, especially when included in a comparison with DCE and the statement that it was "shut down" by Six Nations (in and since April 2006). 

Of course TIN, as the publishing arm of the HCCC, will no doubt have interviewed the Director and/or the non-Native legal representative of the HDI (although some within its power base at the HCCC, such as Men's Fire, have split with this enforcement wing of the Hereditary Council).  They do not disappoint.  The Director, said no one from Empire Homes or Haldimand County Council has consulted with them about the project.  Furthermore, no level of government addressed the obvious impact and infringement this will have on the Haudenosaunee treaty rights and our land base.  In the world of reality, since there are no treaty rights or "infringement" issues in the real world, it is no wonder that no one has made any effort to include Six Nations here - especially the HCCC which has no legal standing outside the Six Nations community.  The article also notes that the Elected Council (SNEC) has also been excluded from any discussions about the matter.  The Director of SNEC's Lands and Resources Department indicated that neither Empire Homes or Haldimand County has contacted them with the exception that the latter sent them a "notice of proposed development" as is standard practice in the voluntary "Grand River Notification Agreement".

In some twisted fashion the HDI Director maintains that the government must consult with the HCCC rather than SNEC (the legally mandated representatives of the Six Nations Reserve community) due to some obscure interpretation of a recent ruling by the Supreme Court that supposedly relegates the Elected Council to a mere administrative role.  The HCCC see themselves as the only legitimate representatives of the Six Nations.  I may see myself as the legitimate heir to the title of Duke of Northumberland, but that does not make it correct.

Once again we hear the militant and completely unsupported views of the HDI that the Elected Council is a child of the Indian Act and their role being to implement the Federal Government's, Indian Act policies designed for total assimilation of the Onkwehonweh nations of these lands.  The Director then as expected accuses the Ontario Government of walking away from negotiations (over the construction of the fence at DCE), making a, conscious decision to stand by the culturally genocidal policies of the Indian Act system and attempt to force the HCCC into its legislated process which is contrary to the principles we have as Haudenosaunee.  Now comes the part I predicted back in November of 2013 about the response of the same parties responsible for the unconscionable anti-social violent illegal acts perpetrated in 2006:

The Director, couldn't say if the project could spark another reclamation similar to Kanonhstaton.  Further, "As far as any action from any of 'the people', there is no way anyone can predict what will happen."  Of course there is a veiled threat embedded in all this, and there will be much more to come on this matter in the upcoming months.  Stay tuned.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Enforcement Arm of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council Continues to Fleece Large Corporations

In the 16 September 2014 issue of "Turtle Island News" (TIN), appears an article entitled, Confederacy approves $4 million CLL/Samsung project (p.7).  It highlights specifics of the most recent illegal and immoral behavior of the representatives of the Confederacy faction at Six Nations.  Here they have "extracted" a cool 4 million in the form of $150,000 a year for 20 years for the lease of lands that Six Nations have no valid claim of any description.  Samsung coughs up.  Then there is another $50 grand a year for 20 years for whatever.  What this boils down to is protection money, a racket where for what to Samsung is chump change, they pretend to acknowledge the "treaty entitlements" (all bogus) of Six Nations in exchange for non interference with the construction of the project.  In other words the goons that have appeared on site to shut down all operations in previous situations where the corporation failed to agree to the "protocol", will not be a disruptive force here.  Since the payola greased the palms of the "legal representatives" of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC), via the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) who take care of the nasty enforcement matters that must make some Chiefs uncomfortable, all is well.  So Samsung is being strong armed out of cash for the promise that there will be no work disruptions.  There is no valid treaty or any legal document that would authorize the HDI or HCCC to act in this fashion, but with the government and legal system acting as enablers - it is full speed ahead.

Apparently the present project has been in the works since 2009, and in the last 5 years Samsung has weighed its options (they know that there are no valid treaties or any valid land claims involving the lands they will use to install "green energy" appliances such as industrial wind turbines and solar panel "farms" - I have told them as much, with evidence).

Apparently (one can only assess what is said on face value since the books are effectively closed to all Six Nations Band Members - a sore spot that has surfaced from time to time) the HCCC (in reality the HDI via their non - Native legal advisor) will use the money from this project for its supposed "land acquisition fund", or some sort of unspecified "trust".  The said legal advisor claims that "the community" has decided that the monies should go for purchasing land presently owned under the Ontario Land Registry system.  Did the "community" vote on this?  As far as I know this did not happen.  So they are making an unsubstantiated claim (again). 

Of course the HDI being the HDI believe that Six Nations owns the entire Grand River Tract, that all surrenders are invalid, and therefore they, should never have had to purchase it in the first place but the chiefs recognized that there is pressure now due to the increasing population of Six Nations to secure lands for the people.  Thus anyone foolish enough to sell lands to Six Nations could risk at any time the same "Indian giver" approach used to "acquire" the former Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) in Caledonia which caused one of the most reprehensible and violent "reclamations" of land by the thugs at Six Nations.  This land is still under hot contention since the deed is in the hands of the Province of Ontario and the latter is not presently bowing to the absurd requirements set out by the HDI to exclude all interested parties (including the Six Nations Elected Council - SNEC) except the HCCC who has zero legal standing but a lot of moxy in their assertions of being victims of a genocidal and racist system supported by the Indian Act and SNEC). 

The real problem for the HDI is that the legal authority at Six Nations (SNEC), acknowledges that surrenders took place.  They are seeking damages for money that wasn't paid and on many of the contentious surrenders the band is taking a soft approach on the land issue and is looking soley for money, which could be damaging to future land rights, so we are trying to avoid that situation.  In other words the land researchers at SNEC are well aware that legal surrenders did take place, they have copies of the documents, so all that is left is to maintain that there were irregularities 170 plus years ago when the land surrenders took place.  The Band Council (SNEC) are realists and are advised by competent lawyers about the likelihood of any land claim being successful in any Court of law (which requires evidence not wishful thinking), whereas HDI still believe that by violent takeovers as at DCE in 2006 that their "pressure tactics" will ultimately be successful irrespective of the facts.

Further to the latter perspective, the legal representative then goes on to state that, "The chiefs have taken the position that there was no surrender ever intended in most cases, but more importantly if they do not pay for the land upon surrender, the surrender is invalid".  Thus no matter what the evidence says, HDI will find a way to twist things to a Procrustean fit that conforms with their world view - and to heck with facts, which are simply an inconvenience.  The legal representative goes on to assert the most "off the wall" views that only the most gullible or ill educated would swallow whole.  Specifically, he stated that, there is no surrender of land or extinguishment of title or rights in the agreements.  That statement is ABSOLUTELY FALSE as I have read all of the original documents and it is impossible to come to that conclusion based on what is recorded in the deeds and Council Minutes signed by all of the Six Nations Chiefs in Council who were present on that occasion (generally around 50 chiefs).  Persons such as myself must be a real thorn in the side of the HDI who would play the victim card and have you believe that blue is green and fairies and leprechauns are real.  Those who continue to hammer home the need for evidence as opposed to fantasy and wishful thinking constantly throw a wet blanket on their fantasies.

The brashness of the HDI is illustrated in another project that is mentioned in the article in TIN - the discussions with Enbridge for projects within the Haudenosaunee treaty territory.  Once again there is NO TREATY TERRITORY to which Six Nations has any claim - either on or off the Haldimand Tract.  There was never any treaty whatsoever.  For example the Haldimand Tract was not deeded by treaty.  It was a one off document allowing the Six Nations to occupy this land, but that the title still (to this day) is retained by the Crown.  It is NEVER referred to as a treaty since it does not meet any of the criteria, and the Province of Ontario does not have any treaties shown for the Six Nations on their treaty map which is being sent to all schools in Ontario (as noted in a previous posting).  Again, just wishful thinking.  Things get even more bizarre when the HDI announces that it considers Highway 407 near Derry Road in Mississauga as "treaty territory".  This is in fact land that was owned by the Mississauga (Anishinaabe) people, but sold to the Crown long ago.  The Six Nations have no valid claim - it, as well as the entire Grand River Haldimand Tract, was purchased by the Crown from the legitimate owners.  The Mississauga in effect extinguished any Six Nations claim by right of conquest in 1696 when all Six Nations villages north of Lake Ontario were destroyed and the people killed or forced to return to what is today Upstate New York (a fact I have noted time and time again in this blog).  To rub salt into the wound, the HDI expect that Enbridge will recognize their untrained archaeological monitors for any work in this area when only the archaeological monitors of SNEC have been trained and certified by the Ontario Professional Archaeologists Association (again the subject of recent postings).  Hopefully Enbridge will make a stand here, although once again they may just chalk this up to the cost of doing business and avoiding unpleasantness that will revolve around the unemployed thugs that HDI will send to "remind" Enbridge that they are in charge and are more than willing to make corporate life difficult if Enbridge fails to comply with the extortion demands.

My question.  Who has the guts and where with all to stand up to the HDI / HCCC and opt for truth and justice as opposed to simply taking the path of least resistance.  It is very much similar to negotiating with terrorists.  Don't do it because it will be deja vu the next time, and the HDI will likely up the ante for not only Enbridge but other corporations.  Someone has to say no - and be ready to apply for a Court injunction, and if there are any work stoppages they, in other words all individuals and groups present, must face the consequence of a very stiff fine.  This was precisely the case when Justice Harrison Arrell of the Ontario Superior Court in Brantford dropped the hammer on the key players in the HDI who repeatedly tried to stop work at a housing development in Brantford.  Once again, I have discussed this particular matter at length in multiple postings to this blog.