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Non-Native Radicals Plan to Shut Down Local Roads Using the "Excuse" of Bill C-10

A very upsetting article appeared in the 5 March 2014 edition of "Turtle Island News" (p.3), titled, Group threatens to shut down roads, sparks concern. 

The author of the article is the Editor of "Turtle Island News", Lynda Powless.  The information is based on what was apparently said in a weekend meeting involved activists associated with a purported area weekly newspaper suggested a plan that would see Toronto activists and Six Nations people shutting down roads in surrounding communities along with rail lines in protest of the federal Bill C-10.  Furthermore, The activists also claim if police move onto Six Nations they will shut down all entrance ways to the community to keep police out.  Apparently this White activist plan was not well received by those attending the meeting.  One individual who was present at the meeting said, I don't know who those people are.  It seems to be being organized by the Two Row Times.  Another said that Six Nations people called for calm, and to allow the Chiefs to explore the political route.  As one participant said, I think it could be detrimental if it is being led by people who are not Haudenosaunee and as a result are not directly affected.  So who are these agitators whose planned actions are not supported by well known Six Nations activists?  The answer appears to be the non-Native leftist "supporters" associated with "Two Row Times".  Without consulting the Chiefs, it appears that they have made a unilateral decision that blocking roads is the best way to show disapproval of Bill C-10 and the probable crack down on contraband tobacco (the issues relating to the latter described in my previous posting).

First it is important to note that "Two Row Times", according to Lynda Powless, has five "owners", and three are non-Native.  The said newspaper can be found online here.  These three non-Natives are familiar to anyone residing in the Brantford - Caledonia area, and one in particular is well known as person with a long history of stirring things up in the Haldimand Tract.

Ever since the Caledonia 2006 "land reclamation" at Douglas Creek Estates (Kanonhstaton), a group of far left wing White communist, anarchist, and radical unionists, have been on scene to "support" Six Nations in any related protest.  Anyone who has studied these groups of course realizes that they are there to forward their own agendas, and are using Six Nations as a platform of convenience. It is nothing more than a joke to say that they are supporters, or in "solidarity" with Six Nations. Six Nations are being used, plain and simple.

Among the non-Native owners of "Two Row Times", according to Lynda Powless, is Tom Keefer.  He is also the general manager.  I was aware of this fact since I have read the newspaper since it first hit the stands.  Anyone residing in the vicinity of Caledonia will be well familiar with the name Tom Keefer.  Just mentioning his name in Caledonia is like waving a red flag before a bull - his actions since the 2006 Caledonia "reclamation" are well known to locals.  His name is plastered all over the Internet. A quick search turned up the following.  He is or was a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Sciences Department at York University.  It is possible that after 15 or so years in graduate school, he has failed to complete his dissertation, and was "timed out", shown the door, and was forced to seek a real job outside the walls of academia. He apparently found one when a Reserve newspaper, "Two Row Times", was formed in 2013. This newspaper is in effect the successor to "Tekawenake", the Reserve newspaper for as far back as I can recall.  One article that summarizes, with references, Keefer's criminal past, his association with organized crime, his violent proclivities, his staunch anarchistic and communist views, his anti-Semitic perspective, and other less than flattering aspects can be found here.  His academic profile, with a list of some of his "publications" (which portray his anti - capitalist views very clearly), can be found here.  One of his most recent activities, where he played a starring role (he was the organizer) and blatantly flaunted the law (failing to obtain permits), was during the highly disruptive spring 2012 "parade" which shut down all of downtown Caledonia during the Saturday business hours.  There was not a twinge of concern over local merchants, snarling traffic for hours, and about opening old wounds (despite then Elected Chief Bill Montour expressing this concern), only about promoting "the agenda".  See here for a good description of this event.

So with "friends" like this, who needs enemies. 

There is little doubt that the group pushing for road closures will win the day and pull off something of this nature under the guise of Six Nations "sovereignty" or something of this nature (the reason is irrelevant), when all along this is simply an opportunity to advance the anarchist agenda.  The motto of the Ontario Anarchist League is, "In chaos we see beauty".  So we know what to expect, and anyone, Native or non-Native, who buys into the arguments of this radical non-Native group (yes those who attempted to violently disrupt the G20 and G8 conferences), is sadly misguided.

So if the White anarchists at "the newspaper" became involved and create problems in Haldimand and Brant Counties, then what effects might we see?  It is my opinion that, for example:

1)  It is possible that businesses which advertise in the newspaper associated with this group of anarchists will suffer the wrath of customers in the form of a boycott.  If anything "happens" in the way of road closures orchestrated by the White "solidarity" groups, and / or owners of the "offending newspaper", then local people will likely boycott the companies who are perceived as behaving irresponsibly by funding a terrorist group.  This will cut off the funds which allow the despoilers of both Counties to flourish.  Simple but effective.

2)  Should "the problem" escalate beyond a certain point (very nearly reached), it will likely be "the last straw" and will result in the formation of a Haldimand and Brant County militia group.  Should this happen, and they emulate for example the notorious Michigan Militia, we will bring to our doorstep actions on a scale never before seen.  Unfortunately this could play into the hands of the anarchists whose goal is to frustrate the public and initiate chaos.

Why might a militia group evolve here?  The OPP have had 8 years to return to a "serve and protect" approach, but it has yet to happen.  If there is any whiff of Native involvement, then the Native negotiators need to be called in (thank the "Ipperwash Report" for this "requirement") and the whole nine yards that is required of a "peacekeeper" engaging in "race based policing". If there is even a handful of Natives among the non-Native anarchists, the OPP will likely stand down or side with the outsiders - I have seen this at Kanonhstaton many times.  I have watched in disgust as a clear double standard was applied - one set of rules for the Natives, and another set of rules for "others".  Would it be surprising if residents become more aware that they need to protect themselves, since there does not appear to be any other viable choice?

I do not in any way condone or recommend any of the actions herein described, but it is certainly realistic to expect that the above and other, perhaps unforeseen, effects will emerge.  It is important to discuss the potential consequences of actions taken by groups in our area so that citizens can be better prepared to successfully confront threats to home and hearth.

It would seem evident that Natives and non-Natives need to join together and stand firm against this Toronto - based group who are a menace, and determined to bring chaos and pain to our communities. 


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