Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wind Power Companies Continue to be Misled by Six Nations - With Impunity

I have blogged about this matter countless times, but despite the irrefutable facts, wind turbine companies are lining up to sign deals with Six Nations based on a series of false beliefs and assumptions - and this injustice is costing them mega bucks.

As has been shown before, Six Nations have zero "rights" requiring them to be consulted over anything outside the present boundaries of Indian Reserve 40, Six Nations Reserve extending between Caledonia to Hagersville and west to the southern tier of Brantford.  Yet we continue to learn that companies from locations such as Port Rowan and Port Dover are ponying up money to Six Nations (both Elected and Hereditary Council factions being the recipients of this largesse).  The most likely interpretation for this odd behavior is the belief that bogus agreements such as the fraudulent Nanfan "Treaty" have anything to do with anything here in Southwestern Ontario - it is irrelevant.  Even in the Haldimand Tract, all lands except those noted above were ceded as of the year 1848 and Six Nations have absolutely no legitimate claim to any lands outside the present Reserve boundaries.  However, as long as developers are led to believe that there are certain "aboriginal" rights in place, and as long as agencies associated with Six Nations send thugs to shut down projects for which there was no "consultation" (or the "consultation" was not with the "right" faction), developers will be intimidated into following the path of least resistance - perhaps they get a tax write off for capitulating to strong arm techniques when there is anything having a whiff of "Native issue" swirling about.

In "Two Row Times", April 30th, 2014, p.2, there is an article entitled, "SNED signs another turbine agreement".  Here Six Nations Economic Development (SNED) once again held a "poorly attended" community meeting to announce the monies that in some manner Six Nations is extracting from Capital Power from their Nanticoke and Port Dover turbine projects.  Here the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) of the Confederacy / Hereditary Council faction had already shut down some of the construction, as noted in the article.  Although not mentioned here, since HDI did not put up any further fuss, it would be a reasonable assumption that the developer had "consulted" (translation, filled in the application form and paid the requisite fee).  However, as per the norm, it is not known what the agreement is or what the financial settlement was.  Same lack of transparency that has been reported in both Reserve newspapers for years, and nothing has changed in terms of disclosure.  No one, except HDI and perhaps some of the Hereditary Council members, know what programmes or pockets receive the "consultation" funds from the "application process".

The SNED representative reported that the royalties will bring in 7 million dollars over 20 years.  One might ask the question, $7 million for what.  What do the companies get in return?  One might guess that it breaks down to "low probability of shut downs and protests".  So in effect company after company in Ontario is capitulating to the facts that Six Nations activists learned after 2006 - that Six Nations has been emboldened to the point where they know that the Ontario Provincial Police will not do anything to uphold the law and support the legal owners (the power companies) - so testing of the limits has, with a few exceptions, brought riches to the doorstep of individuals and groups who have learned how to "apply pressure effectively".

As an example of how outlandish the assertions of some activists are, one well known radical (seen at virtually every shut down and demonstration) voiced "concerns" that, They are not going to want to give back the land if they are making a bunch of money off of it ................ when we do try to shut down these projects our people get charged.  They criminalize us in the courts when we try to get the land back.  Recall that we are talking about lands in present day Norfolk County, lands that the Six Nations have no land claim of record.  All Six Nations has is a fraudulent agreement signed six years after losing all of Southwestern Ontario to the Mississauga and their allies - then in 1701 having the effrontery to place the lands they didn't own under the protection of the British Crown, and 300 years later demanding a say in what happens to the lands they lost in 1696 by conquest.  It makes me ask the question, "Does anyone in the world of business or government read and understand history?"  If they did they would advise developers that any action by Six Nations is illegal, and that the full weight of the law needs to be brought down on trespassers and those who cause developers to lose millions of dollars due to illegal shut downs.

To counter the statements of the above activist, the SNED Director rightly said that, Our community needs this money.  We got issues.  We got housing issues, education issues, water issues etc.  The goal of these projects is to generate some benefits.  This would be perfectly understandable, and laudable, if in fact Six Nations had a legitimate / legal right to any stake in the lands in question - but they don't.

So we get back to the same issue seen time and again, even with the giant Samsung corporation of South Korea, as noted in an earlier posting - Six Nations expect payola, and some expect "return of the land" in instances where should the matter ever go to Court, the verdict is virtually guaranteed, unless tainted by political correctness or something of that nature.  Six Nations have no business sticking their noses in business outside their own boundaries demanding money or land.  As with all Ontarians, they certainly do have the right to be concerned about the environmental fall out of these projects, which some Six Nations members find very troubling - such as the devastating effects that these industrial turbines are having on our local bird populations.  All citizens need to come together to demand action on the mass slaughter of wildlife, and the undeniable effects on the local residents who have to look at these turbines every day and live with health consequences not adequately known, and a sharp drop in land values due to the obvious intrusion of these unsightly apparitions on the horizon. 

Why are the members of Six Nations receiving "compensation", and yet those who live beside the turbines are being ignored by both the government and the corporations, and are not on the receiving end of anything but a token benefit - such as repairing the roads made virtually impassable by the huge vehicles needed to bring in even one blade of the three blade turbines.  Something stinks here, and needs to be investigated and made right.



  1. DeYo: Did you know that Rebecca Thompson of Sun News Network is making a documentary about the dangers of wind turbines in Ontario? It will be about an hour in length and is supposed to be coming out next month. People can donate towards this project at:

    On May 7, 2014, Ezra Levant interviewed Thompson on his The Source Show. The video is entitled: Wind Turbine Woes." Here's a link to the video:

    1. Thank you very much for this information counterpoise. As you can clearly tell I am very passionate about the misguided "green" efforts which all boil down to new companies capitalizing on this "movement" to spread their environmentally unfriendly "products" across the landscape. In my trip down to Dunnville two days ago I saw at least 5 new turbines, and as many in pieces ready to assemble. The roads are a mess. The landscape is scarred, and these monsters are arrayed along the woodlots where I used to walk and in my youth was able to obtain peace and solace in a natural setting. All gone. These are nothing more than another form of highly obtrusive industrial pollution with a lifepan of at best 20 years before "decommissioning" - and by then the technology will have changed but we will be stuck with abandoned eyesores for untold years to come. By chance I also saw the skeletons of the gas plants (which are more sensible and cost effective) in the Mississauga area, whose bones are rotting thanks to the Liberal Government's politically motivated decision.

      I will donate to the project, and look forward to seeing the video. Although I don't agree with the stance taken by Levant on some topics, by in large we tend to be on the same page. Thank goodness for Sun TV who are willing to tackle topics that are not politically correct, and will look through a lens of rationality and reason to explore topics other networks avoid such as wind turbines, or even "professional protesters" that plague any effort by a corporation such as Enbridge to build virtually anything that will boost the economy of this Province. DeYo.