Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Men's Fire are Prepared to Block Highway 6 "Indefinitely"

Apparently I was correct in asserting that the militant action of the 4th and 5th of October was a "wash out".  Things were so distressing to Men's Fire that they have decided to up the ante.  So instead of a "mere two days" of blockading a major Provincial Highway, their plan this time is to stretch things out to "indefinitely".  So, in other words, their plan fizzled so instead of coming up with an appropriate strategy such as a march on Ottawa, the decision is to go back to the same spot and do it all over again.  As a medical specialist, there is a neurological condition that I have dealt with  called "perseveration" - a classic frontal lobe syndrome.  It is where an individual (or in this case group) does not learn from their experience and show any flexibility, but instead continues engaging in the same behavior - rather like batting one's head against the wall over and over (in some it eventually and perversely comes to provide pleasure).  I will use this analogy in the present situation.  How often do Six Nations factions have to block roads before they realize that, "hey this doesn't work".  At this point I don't expect that they could give a tinker's damn about those of us who live in Caledonia or Hagersville or who use Highway 6 to get to, for example, Port Dover (it is the only feasible route).

Should some think that, "surely you are kidding" please see the article of today in "The Sachem" entitled, Protestors seeking inquiry into missing and murdered women as seen here.

The "take" on the public relations disaster by Men's Fire is as follows: 

“We didn’t shut this highway down,” said [the name of Men's Fire spokesman], a member of the Six Nations Men’s Fire.

Any vehicles that approached the intersection were stopped just long enough for protesters to give the driver a flyer detailing the issue.

“We’re allowing traffic to travel on Highway 6, and we told the OPP that we wouldn’t impede emergency vehicles,” said [the Men\s Fire spokesman].  “We’re here to bring awareness… this is a peaceful demonstration.”

That is a novel interpretation.  They did not block the Highway because the OPP beat them to the punch and forced all traffic to detour west to Cayuga Road or east to McKenzie Road.  So what will Men's Fire do now?  This is the quote from "The Sachem" in relation to what the Men's Fire spokesman said:

He noted that the Six Nations Men’s Fire is prepared to blockade Highway 6 “indefinitely” if an inquiry is not started soon; he said he could not give a time frame as to when, but that the OPP would be informed if that were to happen.

It is interesting to learn of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) response to the newest threat by Men's Fire.  The reporter questioned what was the OPP view of the blockade on the past weekend, the response obtained here is very interesting or evasive (I am not sure).  When asked whether or not the protest was illegal, [the OPP spokesperson] was only able to say, “We will continue to investigate.”  Right, investigate ........................

The Men's Fire spokesperson added that, “We need to call on the politicians, and put them to task,” said [the spokesperson], adding that he hopes people in the surrounding communities, such as Caledonia, Cayuga, Hagersville, etc., will also contact their Members of Parliament to ask for an inquiry.  “We want to be part of it as well,”.

The spokesperson for Men's Fire really doesn't get it at all.  Does Men's Fire not realize that far from encouraging people from Caledonia, Cayuga etc. to contact their members of parliament about the perceived issue of missing and murdered women, blocking roads will ONLY trigger more resentment and yes even hatred towards Six Nations members (it being impossible for the average citizen to differentiate the troublemakers from other Six Nations residents).  Since Men's Fire have treated Haldimand residents with contempt, do they seriously believe that residents will rally around their cause by once again inconveniencing them.

Another fact that does not seem to have reached conscious awareness in Men's Fire is that Prime Minister Harper cannot respond to a "demand" by this or that group when the message is delivered via illegal acts such as blocking a Provincial Highway.  If he did, it would mean that groups across the country would come to believe that the way to get a message across is to engage in anti-social acts.  It is a basic principle of psychology that behaviours that are reinforced (rewarded) are likely to be repeated.  There is no difference from the rationale for not negotiating with terrorists.  If you give in to them (their "demands") they will repeat the act again and again because they have learned that they can get their way by say holding someone for ransom.  Many of us who live in Caledonia feel as if we are constantly being held for ransom by militant groups.

As it stands, at the present time, I hold all who would completely ignore the needs and wishes of the residents of Haldimand, and who fail to recognize the trauma they have caused us by 8 years of harassment and bullying, in utter contempt.  I do not think that this is unreasonable; and I do not think that this is an uncommon reaction.


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