Thursday, 14 April 2016

Its Too Late for the Intervention of Men's Fire and HDI! Planning Information, and Current Photos Showing Construction Work Well Underway

So, where are our "land protectors"?  Why has the land on the west side of McClung Road and at the corner of Highway 54 and McClung Road, all part or the Empire Avalon project, been allowed to proceed unchallenged?  The development at Douglas Creek Estates (Kanonstaton) on the south side of Caledonia was a drop in the bucket by comparison.

What follows are "official views" of the planned site, then photographs of what the site looks like in mid April 2016.

1)  Official Plans from the County of Haldimand:

It appears that the County does not want photos of its development maps published outside its own website.  Hence in order to see the many facets of the development, including the specific location of the two main parcels, the timetable of development of each site and other very helpful info it will necessary to go directly to their website as seen here in order to view the 5 most key maps, and other features of this development.  The one below I was able to copy, thanks to a friend who was able to save it as a jpg file.

2)  Plans from the Developer:

The Avalon - Caledonia website can be found here.  The pictures below are from this site.

From the Avalon website we see things as the supposedly will appear upon completion of the project.

Looking south with McClung Road on the left heading toward River

Looking north with McClung Road running diagonally at the right

3)  Photographs of Site as of 14 April 2016:

The pictures you are about to see show the depredation that has swept across our beautiful landscape - and where are the activists - the environmentalists, the First Nations who claim the office of land protectors, the citizens of Haldimand who, while not arguing against gradual change, can only see this as an act of willful destruction of hundreds of acres of fine farm land to accommodate the "homes" that legions of strangers will soon occupy?  Anyone at all concerned that the traffic now is intolerable - get ready - double the size of Caledonia and what will we have?  Might as well be living along the QEW!

It is with a sad heart that I provide the pictures below as a snapshot of the "McClung development" as of early April 2016 - it will only get worse, much worse:

The "slough" between Highway 54 and the Grand River - it is usually dry land

The reason for the "slough" can be found on the north side of Highway 54

West side of water intake facility along the north side of Highway 54

The middle part of the water intake facility with work underway

The eastern most part of the water intake facility under construction

The reason for all the devastation

Show home - there will be a lot more of these (3,500) unless a miracle occurs

Across the road from the show home - reality sets in

A little further south along McClung Road (west side)

More ravaging of the land further south along McClung west side

Close to junction of McClung and Highway 54 - all set to scrape it into a bald headed prairie

The above pictures present the situation on 14 April 2016.  Get used to it Caledonia.  No one is coming to our rescue.  We have been sold out by our politicians at the Town, County, and Provincial levels.  The emphasis is clearly progress winning out against quality of life - it was a clear choice and the former seems to have won hands down.  

Rather a shame that if Six Nations was going to make a stand in relation to development and land claims that they chose the paltry Douglas Creek Estates which at most would have included one tenth what we will see at McClung.  Meanwhile we have a monster in our midst, and it is going to forever destroy the rural quality of life that I guess we all took for granted.  Now we have this abomination, along with the array of wind turbines that now dot the landscape over most of Haldimand.  How did this all happen so fast.  We, the residents and farmers of Haldimand, are the ones who suffer while Six Nations reaps in the ill gotten benefits of the "wind deals" by pretending that there are treaty rights to consider (all bogus).  Also our politicians can contentedly sit back and say, "look what I have done, look at all this progress".  Some of us have utter contempt for the complacency and the underhanded hypocrisy for the blatant acts of self agrandization.  By the time many of the citizens realize how we have been duped, it will all be ancient history and those who profited will be able to sit back on their laurels and enjoy the fruits of their duplicity.  Hope they sleep well at night knowing that the have participated in an act of wanton rape against the land our ancestors treated with respect all these years.

A very disgusted,


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