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Sovereignty and Nation to Nation Dialogue: Summary of Facts Posted to this Blog

Every so often it is important to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished.  In the previous posting I have listed the data included in a number of posts on the subjects of treaties and land claims said to pertain to the Six Nations.  Another broad topic to come to the fore from time to time is the belief that the Six Nations are a sovereign people and that any discussions with Canada must be of the nation to nation variety.  For a litany of reasons I vehemently disagree with any concept of a "nation within a nation" where in this case a group comprising 0.01% of the Canadian population believe that they should be on an equal footing with the Nation of Canada.  There would be much less justification for anything of this nature involving Six Nations and Canada than say allowing the representatives of the Cornish people (the last Cornish speaker died in the 19th Century) of the County of Cornwall to sit down at a table as an independent body, equal to the representatives of the British Nation of which Cornwall is a part.  Most recognize that this is entirely unrealistic, and those who may harbour these wishes are really only engaging in flights of fantasy.  It is certainly even more "out there" in relation to Six Nations.

Any true nation must be self - sufficient.  Despite the objective fact that Six Nations does not have any treaty with Canada, any source of income for schools, infrastructure and virtually everything you care to name comes directly from the Canadian taxpayer via transfer payments.  Since the old Six Nations Trust fund is likely defunct (an audit would need to confirm its status), and since they have no other source of income (since earnings or businesses on the Reserve are not taxed), it begs the question as to where the "Nation's" inflow of cash will be found.

The matter is considered to be of immediate interest since Chief Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is leading a motorcycle brigade to the Niagara Region to make his assertion for nation to nation talks and Native sovereignty as well as abolishing the Indian Act (click here).  Since much the underpinnings of his assertions are built upon quicksand, and have no documentary support, this is an attempt to be proactive and keep one step ahead of the forces who would use beliefs and soft evidence in the attempt to convince Canadians of the truth of what they are saying.  There are plenty of "beliebers" out there ready and willing to eat up anything fed to them by "Natives".

Here follow the postings which are largely focused on the assertion among many at Six Nations that they are a sovereign Nation.   At Six Nations this concept is tightly woven around the conceptualization of the Two Row Wampum, despite the harsh reality of the complete paucity of anything even remotely resembling evidence, or facts, or even a sound rationale.  Hence the following posts from the 15 July posting also apply here:

Two Row Wampum - 1613:

Click here.  The first part of this posting includes an overview discussion of sovereignty and the Two Row Wampum.  It includes photographic copies of the document purported to be the trade agreement of 1613 upon which the concept of the Two Row Wampum supposedly evolved, and the wampum belt that supposedly supports this document and the "ship" and "canoe" analogy that has become a "sacred cow" at Six Nations - to the extent that if you don't believe in it something is wrong with you or you are a racist.

Click here.  The validity of the Two Row Wampum agreement, and the "ship and canoe" inference is considered.  It also is brought forward in the discussion of treaty status and sovereignty by Six Nations.  Included is a photocopy of the original document (although the authenticity of this document has been questioned).

Click here.  The value of oral history, and the fallibility of  human memory is discussed.

Click here.  How the Two Row Wampum concept has impacted thinking and decisions is described.


The following postings were not included in the previous summary post.

Click here.  An early general look at sovereignty at Six Nations.

Click here.  Again, another general perspective on the matter.

Click here.  Sovereignty and Six Nations passports.

Click here.  Sovereignty and hypocrisy.

The above represents the facts and evidence found in this blog. Such "unorthodox" views however fly in the face of the mind set at Six Nations which is firmly focused on the community beliefs - and changing these for any reason for whatsoever is not in the cards.  That is the reality within which we operate - perception is reality at Six Nations.


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