Thursday, 9 January 2014

Extortion by Hereditary Council Brings New Deal with Power Company

I have blogged many times here about the bully tactics used by certain groups at Six Nations to get their way.  It works, so why change anything when you have a formula that works.  To heck with morality, legality and the like - it is all about extracting the bucks in whatever way is expedient.  Here is the latest amongst a series of such sordid schemes.

According to Turtle Island News of January 8, 2014 (p.7), under the banner Confederacy Finalizes Deal with Capital Power, we learn that the Hereditary Council (HCCC) is up to its old tricks of exploitation and extortion all the while justifying such acts with bogus claims of ownership or control over lands that neither they nor any Six Nations entity has any legitimate claim.

As reported, Capital Power is developing wind turbines in Haldimand County, towards Nanticoke on lands that are traditional Haudenosaunee Territory. News flash here for those who are unaware of the geography - Nanticoke is not even in the Haldimand Tract, let alone anywhere near "traditional Haudenosaunee Territory".  That is a false claim, and the only reason why Capital One "honoured" the deal on lands that have nothing remotely connected to HCCC lands was due to out and out extortion.  The company "came to their senses" when, The company was forced to the negotiating table after a caravan of Six Nations people shut down four different wind turbine construction sites over a day last year.  Considering that Six Nations have no rights under the Nanfan Treaty of 1701, and the fact that any lands "nearby" were ceeded in 1844 (as acknowledged by the Federal Government in 2009 and the Superior Court of Ontario in 2010), the company simply caved into the pressure to avoid future delays.  It should have requested an immediate Court injunction, which I believe would have been granted, and any trespassers would have been subject to enormous fines for such illegal behaviour.  The absolute flaunting of the law, and getting away with it, just emboldens these criminals.  It makes those of us with knowledge of the facts of the matter have absolutely no respect whatsoever for the HCCC, whether done via their own devices, through Men's Fire, or their "enforcement strong arm body" the HDI.  Do the hereditary councillors have no scruples?  It is a legitimate question based on their behaviour.  They are sticking their noses where they have no legitimate right only a perceived right.

Truth is that I don't have any sympathy with these power companies as they will destroy the environment and result in the death and dismemberment of the area wildlife.  Don't the HCCC tout themselves as the "custodians" of the environment because of the perceived "special relationship" between the Creator and the aboriginal people?  Well, since Six Nations are not aboriginal to any location except the State of New York, that is going to be a claim that only the naive or ignorant will swallow.  The sheer audacity of it all.  Once again they are getting away with crimes, and no level of government is saying boo about it.  All hush hush.  Let the HCCC have their way, it is only X number of dollars anyway.  What about the criminal acts that brought this about?  What about the laws of Canada, Ontario, and Haldimand County?  It all means nothing.  Most people are afraid to challenge the HCCC, despite the fact that that the "emperor has no clothes", but no one has the guts to announce it publicly.

So, looking at the details of the "deal", HCCC will get $3, 200, 000 over 20 years.  Apparently, The funds are expected to begin to arriving.  It is dirty money that cannot be laundered in any way.  And where does the money go? Who is accountable? Where is the transparency?  I can give an answer to the latter - there is none.  Who gets to pocket the dough?  No one but HCCC knows.  If there was an ounce of legitimacy to the matter, why was it not negotiated via the Elected Council (SNEC)?  At least here we would have some reasonable assurances that the money would go to community development projects, rather than into the pockets of criminals.

The HCCC will have to face the harsh reality that they have become little more than a "shakedown" entity, far from the keepers of the Great Law and the traditions of the Six Nations.  Since 1924 they have had no legal authority to govern - but they continue to claim to be the "legitimate" governing body.  Legitimate in their eyes perhaps, and also among supporters at Six Nations, some of who benefit directly from their support.

This MUST STOP.  We do not live in Naples, Palermo or Chicago, although it certainly feels as if we do.  It was the responsibility of the company, Capital Power, to seek a Court injunction.  Unfortunately their lack of action here has probably put the "deal" out of reach of the law.  My recommendations to any company placed in similar circumstances, document everything, take pictures and audio recordings, and be prepared to submit this into evidence at a Court or trial proceeding.  Someone has to stop this out of control freight train which has absolutely no regard for anything or anyone except the almighty dollar. 


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