Friday, 17 January 2014

More on Car Thefts in the Niagara Peninsula: The Six Nations Connection

Earlier I posted an article on the fact that Brantford and Hamilton had become the car theft capitals of Ontario.  Although it is definitely not politically correct to point fingers, the whole point of the present blog is to present the facts and unmask some unpleasantness going on at Six Nations.  One of the major problems is the fact that a huge number of stolen cars end up at "the Bush" - local talk for, on the Rez.  The fact is that most of these thefts are perpetrated by locals, and that positing that it could be others who use Six Nations as a dumping ground does not wash.  There would be the less than small problem of obtaining transportation to wherever it is someone wishes you to believe that the thieves reside.  Anyone who does not know the Bush well is definitely not going to venture here - it isn't safe, even for thieves.  See here for my earlier posting.

Well, the most recent car theft incident is way over the top, and involved two Six Nations members - although the report indicates that one perpetrator resides in Hagersville, and the other in Jarvis.  The violence associated with this behaviour is escalating and someone needs to blow the whistle.

In Turtle Island News (January 15, 2014, p.8) is an article entitled, Manhunt ends at Six Nations, local police aid in arrest of two.  The specific details of the start to finish of this misadventure is instructive as it illustrates the extremity to which some here are willing to go to elude law enforcement.  Here follow some excerpts from the article:

After a string of violent robberies, Niagara Regional Police Service deployed additional crime patrol units to specific areas throughout Niagara.

Reports said that on Monday January 13th, 2014 at about 1:38 a.m., Niagara Regional Police officers observed a stolen green GMC Suburban travelling east-bound on Regional Road 20.  The driver refused to pull over and a car chase ensued where stop sticks were deployed causing the vehicle to come to a stop on Concession 4, and the two occupants bailed in different directions.  Canine units and a helicopter were brought in to assist, which resulted in the arrest of one subject.  A short time later police were called to the area of Highways 20 and 24 and a second arrest ensued.

Three homes had been broken into in the vicinity of Highway 20 in West Lincoln. At the first, when confronted by the homeowner the suspect took off. At the second home a mother, father and son were assaulted and taken to hospital with serious injuries. At the third home is where a vehicle was stolen subsequent to an altercation with suspects. With the help of a helicopter the vehicle was tracked to the Brantford area where Six Nations Police and the OPP initiated a chase eastbound along Townline Road (Regional Road 20; Indian Line). Upon reaching the corner of Townline Road and Mohawk Road, the suspect bailed and was located at a home on the Rez and arrested by Six Nations Police, who turned the suspect over to Niagara Police Service. The investigation continues with the assistance of Waterloo Regional Police Service, Hamilton Police Service and the Six Nations Police Service.

In the picture accompanying the story, the caption reads, Six Nations police assisted in the arrest of two men that sparked a manhunt that began in Niagara and ended up on First Line and Mohawk road.

After reading this article it is unclear to myself as to how many incidents are being described.  Perhaps it is just one, if the article is confusing Townline Road and First Line (an easy mistake to make).

There is a very large elephant in the room.  Six Nations members commit a highly disproportionate number of car thefts and associated crime in the area roughly from Waterloo to St. Catharines to Burlington.  One of the perceptions (false as it turns out) is that "once I reach the Bush, I am home free".  All local police forces are aware of the problem, as well as the demographics, and have their resources attuned to the statistical reality - creating another black eye for people at Six Nations.  Folks in the Niagara Peninsula and surrounds are starting to view the Six Nations Reserve in common with how those in San Diego California view Tijuana (just across the Mexican border) - and with some justification.  I truly wish that I had some suggestions for solutions to this deeply ingrained problem, but I don't.


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