Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Appearance of the Canadian Forces in the Niagara Peninsula Frightens Six Nations

I have proposed that since the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have been remiss in carrying out their duties to serve and protect those of us in Haldimand County and vicinity, that an alternative solution is required. 

The OPP have been unwilling or unable to carry out (execute) a Court Injunction issued by the Superior Court in Cayuga dating back to 2006.  When they tried to do so on 28 April 2006, they were unprepared for the sheer numbers of Six Nations members who funneled down Stirling Street (before they set this bridge on fire), and 5th Line as well as 6th Line - all with direct easy access to the Douglas Creek Estates site.  The OPP were soon outnumbered, and it was a case of either take aggressive action, or retreat.  They chose the latter, and DCE has been in the hands of activists since then - and the effects of their boldness is now felt across not only Haldimand County, but also the length and breadth of Southwestern Ontario via a new interpretation of an old fraudulent document. 

Over time those who emerged to control the land, and what happens there, have been members of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) which is a "child" of the DCE "reclamation", and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council who are responsible for spawning the HDI.  Band Council (Six Nations Elected Council - SNEC) have basically washed their hands of the matter and turned things over to the HDI.  Unfortunately while SNEC are reasonable and willing to negotiate, HDI are largely irrational, emotion driven, idealistic but not realistic, and believe that now is the time for the Hereditary Council to return to power and "dethrone" the Elected Council.  They have used DCE as a power base and, and with the help of "Turtle Island News", have employed a propaganda war with everyone who challenges them. 

At present the focus of the HCCC / HDI is on the Province of Ontario who they know hold title to the DCE property.  Their advisors have surely informed the HDI that there is no legal way to "reclaim" DCE - it was surrendered in 1844, 170 years ago, and the Federal Government is willing to stand firm with the research supporting this fact.  The only hope if for HDI to twist the arm of Ontario hard enough for it to say "uncle", and give in to HDI demands and "return" (actually simply give) the DCE property to them so that they can create a land registry unaffiliated with the one operated by SNEC.  They see this as step one in the "return" of multiple properties such as the Burtch Correctional Centre and lands in South Cayuga owned by Ontario (bought in the 1980s for an anticipated residential complex), and leased to local farmers (after initially expropriating the land).  They also claim rights under the fraudulent Nanfan Treaty of 1701 to strong arm land developers, and corporations such as Samsung working in the "green energy" business, building industrial wind turbines and solar "farms".  They have extorted monies from all of these groups, except those who have successfully obtained Court Injunctions, enforced by the OPP, which keeps trespassers off private property (in Cayuga, Hagersville and Brantford).  Corporations such as Samsung are largely paying both SNEC and HCCC / HDI for the "right" to develop land in Southwestern Ontario.  It is a scam, but all these Six Nations factions are getting away with it.  If no one challenges them in Court, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Meanwhile, the radicals are entrenched at DCE, and these "land protectors" are only a phone call via their phone tree from being able to pull in 100 or more thugs willing to challenge any form of "authority".  They have established a lawless state at the south end of Caledonia, and at present there is no hope whatsoever that things will change.  They will still continue to erect a fence on Provincially owned land, stop Hydro One from stringing the wires on the huge towers from Niagara Falls that have been idle since 2006, and place contraband cigarette shacks anywhere they want in the area to the south of the Grand River - including the illegally placed shacks on Hydro One land that are tolerated because no one at any governmental level seems to want confrontation and would rather trade disrespect of the law for the illusion of peace. 

My point is that there are many in and around Caledonia who have had it with the two tiered law system of law where those labelled "Native" are pretty well allowed to do as they please - as is plainly in evidence as you see the fence go up at DCE.  If they want to build a chain link fence on Provincial land, no problem.  If say Caledonia merchants decided to place a fence along say Surrey Street on DCE, I can guarantee you that they would be swarmed by the Six Nations activists and any Canadian flags will be destroyed to allow Confederacy and Mohawk Warrior flags to fly anywhere on DCE, and any attempt to remove them would be labelled disrespectful and racist - two sets of rules, only one set of flags (those representing the illegal "owners") are tolerated. 

It is a crazy topsy turvy world at the DCE barricade - now being fashioned into some sort of Haudenosaunee themed display panel to compliment the "Welcome to Six Nations" sign that stands by the barricade.  That sign should come down, it is not and never will be "Six Nations land".  They are setting the stage for "resistance" once they (HDI) cross a certain line.  Militia groups will form to protect ourselves from anarchy.  Confederacy and Mohawk Warrior flags will come down, and Canadian and Ontario flags will go up.  The trespassers will be firmly ejected.  How this comes off will be entirely a function of how the HDI and supporters cooperate with a copy of the 2006 Court Injunction.  They will be sent packing - how, I don't know, and can only guess.

It is safe to assume that the HDI will not honour any Injunction calling on them to leave the DCE premises, and so the "activists", laughing all the way, just flaunt the law - and is it any wonder since to date all government and law enforcement agencies have acted as enablers.  So if the OPP are powerless, one option is to call in the "army" who are in a position to use the only type of action that the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) enforcers and other militants including those from Reserves in the United States, understand.  These affiliated groups often belong to the "Mohawk Warriors", who possess AK47 and AR7 and AR8 military assault rifles and other weapons.  Gun battles are a way of life there, where for example gaming and anti - gaming factions will resort to violence to settle disputes.  However they know that they will lose in any contest with the Canadian Forces, in cooperation with agencies in the U.S.A.  This will trigger a series of events that will lead to "one law, one country" and via the domino effect, will result in the dissolution of all Reserves in Canada.  The anger across Canada among taxpayers is at the breaking point.  Some people may be tricked into thinking that Canadians are supportive of the status quo re First Nations based on the very vocal minority of Anarchists, Black Bloc, Communists, Unions and others who speak loudly, but represent only a minority of largely urban residents who are largely under 30 years of age.  One can guess that key corporations will be highly supportive in an attempt to bring common sense and rationality back to Canada and address the power that First Nations communities wield.

Should Canada decide that having its citizens enact comprehensive citizen arrests and the danger that this sort of action entails is unacceptable, then the military needs to be sent in.  We need Canadian Forces to bring back law and order to this part of Ontario.  The Government of Canada knows as well as we locals know, that if this matter in Caledonia is not contained, Canada will be a punching bag to First Nations Bands across Canada.  So nip it in the bud now.  Makes excellent sense.

Do Six Nations have any concerns about Canadian Forces becoming involved?  Are they aware that persons such as myself have contacted Ministers begging and pleading for help - that we are in distress and that if they don't want us to take matters into our own hands, please "send in the army".  The Government knows that myself and others will attest to the fact that we pleaded for our Government to come to our rescue.  All they did was answer our distress call.  As a resident I will accept responsibility for having "boots on the ground" on the south side of the Grand River.

An article in "Turtle Island News" (p.3), is entitled, Military exercise could stir up memories of Oka.

To see how "twitchy" Six Nations members are about the fact that they have pushed the limits to the breaking point, this article gives a hint.  It states,

Six Nations Band Council warned Canadian Armed Forces representatives on Tuesday that a current military exercise around the Niagara Peninsula could stir up memories of the Oka Crisis if people aren't sufficiently warned.  Representatives from the Canadian Armed Forces came to band council informed the community of the upcoming exercise, saying Six Nations people should not panic. 

If they see gun - toting soldiers deployed around the Niagara Peninsula during a massive, simulated, large scale training exercise from Aug. 16 to Aug. 24.   Commander of the 31 Canadian Brigade, Colonel Brock Millman, and Chief Warrant Officer Dave Ellyat told Six Nations Band Council last week that about 2,000 Canadian Army soldiers from regular and reserve units across Ontario will be training in the communities of the Niagara Peninsula as part of exercise Stalwart Guardian 14. 

The public will see military vehicles, buses, and personnel conducting a variety of activities as they practice and test their skills.  The officers said caution should be used when passing military vehicles parked on road shoulders as there may be soldiers on foot in the vicinity.


This "exercise" is precisely what will be needed if and when the Canadian Forces are called in to rescue fellow citizens from the clutches of terrorists.

To Six Nations, I want members to know that I well remember the "Oka Crisis".  While I supported the rationale for the action, in other words the concern that the expansion of a golf course would put a burial ground at risk - I was lost somewhere along the way.  When the more militant group at Kahnesatake accepted criminals, armed to the teeth, from Akwesasne as allies, then myself and others withdrew our support.  That was a very ugly conflict. 

Most people know that Dudley George was shot by the OPP at Ipperwash, setting into motion the changes in practice that have hobbled the OPP from doing anything proactive if it is a "Native issue" - and directly impacting what has happened at Caledonia over the past 8 years.  It was tragic that George lost his life in the matter, no matter what the specific circumstances.  However, how many recall that at Oka the same element of tragedy was also in the picture?  How many recall Corporal Marcel Lemay of Surete du Quebec, who was shot dead by a Native activist (see here)?  Why was there no extended inquiry?  Why was the perpetrator never brought to justice?  Why were Native activists not "declawed"? 

Some to many to most Canadians would welcome the involvement of the Canadian Forces to restore order and to divest our land of parasites who would bleed the Canadian taxpayer dry and hold us locals to ransom with no fear of any consequences.  The army will be welcomed, and if us locals can be of any assistance, such as acting in the role of guides and advisors, especially those of us with military experience, all you have to do is ask.

Now, this may be largely an imaginary scenario, but in all seriousness, the way things are progressing (or rather have not been progressing), one never knows when the fantasy may become reality.  One thing that I have learned in life is that everyone has their breaking point, and for some, that critical juncture is a lot closer than it is for others.

One thing does stand out above political correctness and all else.  Please remember Corporal Marcel Lemay - a Canadian hero who died in the line of duty while defending us from the lawlessness that had overtaken Oka.



  1. What a sad and dangerous state of affairs for the whole country when one becomes aware of what this scenario really represents: so we have representatives of our armed forces, in effect, "apologizing" to this "terrorist faction" for doing what the army is supposed to be doing on behalf of ALL CANADIANS....that is, in this particular case, conducting regular operational exercises as a vital part of their regular training; what a horrible precedent and role model, especially for this exemplary group of soldiers whose motto for the STALWART GUARDIAN 14 exercise is "STRONG, PROUD, READY!" undoubtedly the usual behind-the scenes political machinations have been going on with the all too familiar political correctness and abdication of responsibility...not to mention the abject cowardice of government at any level to take a stand and act when a crisis obviously warrants such action; at this point there should be no doubt that the policy of appeasement is the "game" being played and will continue to be played because of what amounts to continuing failures of leadership and its mind-boggling inability to learn from past mistakes.

  2. MyOrenda, I look at this matter a bit differently. I think that the officers were issuing a veiled statement to the effect that we are ready to play hardball if this "demand" to be allowed to smuggle contraband cigarettes continues despite Bill C-10. If there are further insurrections where Canadian railways and highways are blocked, this is unlawful and if the local police cannot handle the situation, we will step in. I can see this as a "reality check" for the Indians here.

    It is one thing to put one over on the OPP, who the militants know have been neutered as a result of the Ipperwash Inquiry, but Canadian Forces soldiers under orders to bring law and order back to a part of Canada where Indians have called the shots since 2006 - they are scared, and with reason. They are unclear as to what could happen. There is no precedent here, although the FLQ Crisis and the Oka Crisis shows that the Government will send in the troops if necessary.

    Lets face it, armoured vehicles and well trained combat ready Canadian warriors - now that is not something for which there is any way to prepare. The soldiers will be here with AR8's in hand, not stored in boxes in SUVs that the OPP never tried to use even under out and out assault. This will be different, and the outcome will be different. After the insurrection is put down, the matter will then go to Court and the Federal Government will once again state that there is no valid land claim, and any test in Ontario Superior Court will be unfavourable as we know from the Justice Arrell decision in 2009.

    Canadian Forces need to practice to be ready for the very real possibility of domestic terrorism, dealing with violent anarchistic groups bent on destroying the government, and stepping in when Indian groups who play victim and force the hand of the Federal Government. If the Indians push too hard, it will not end well. There is a huge groundswell of opinion unfavourable to First Nations across Canada due to demands demands demands, and gross corruption involving the misuse of Canadian tax dollars. Lets see how this plays out. I am fully prepared to do my part in any and all ways. I have asked for their assistance, so it is the least I can do.