Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Anti-Semitic and Anti-Canadian Editorial in "Two Row Times" Newspaper

Although I suspected that only the non-Native Editor of "Two Row Times" had a hand in the despicable anti-Semitic anti-Jew article of last week's issue (see here), I was apparently wrong.

I suspect that what follows is a vain attempt at "damage control" after the above article received some negative backlash by myself and others.

In "Two Row Times" of 6 August 2014 (p.6) is an Editorial, Ambidextrous Politics, on the same subject which makes it crystal clear that JG, the co-Editor who is a Six Nations member, also shares a similar view of Jews.

It can readily be shown that despite almost constant persecution and waves of genocide from the Middle Ages to modern times, the Jews have persevered and made a success of whatever they were allowed to pursue (generally, for example, they were not allowed to own land in Europe).  They funded the campaigns of European Princes and aristocracy, but when the debt accumulated, instead of doing the honourable thing and selling property to pay monies owed, many aristocratic Europeans in debt to the Jews called for their expulsion or their execution - genocide.  Still they survived.  In more recent times all of the major movie studios in Hollywood were owned by Jews from a small area in Eastern Europe (e.g., Warner Brothers, Goldwyn).  Is there a major Broadway musical whose score was not written by a Jew (e.g., Gershwin, Hammerstein)?  So with success despite adversity comes jealousy.  The adolescent idealists and the marginal players of life do not take kindly to a small group of people who overcome unimaginable impediments to become the most successful of entrepreneurs, entertainers, medical specialists, professors, and you name it.  So more hatred, and from Six Nations.  So lets look at the words of the above Editorial, and see the direct meaning and what is between the lines.

I am sorry, but the first part of the Editorial is indecipherable to me - its meaning lost, so I won't dwell on it.  After some questionable historical overview of how the Jewish state came to arrive in the Middle East, the Editor says, Admittedly as an Indigenous person I cannot help but being pro-Palestinian.  Being forcibly removed from your land sounds familiar.  There are certain discrepancies which I bring up when talking to my right wing friends who blindly support Israel because of their religious convictions.  To their ears I sound like a Quran carrying pro-Hamas terrorist

Well, if the shoe fits ....  The Editor then discusses a small group of Jews in New York City who, for reasons of theology, believe that until the Messiah appears, Israel does not belong to the Jews alone.

The Editor continues, When I look at the resurgence of the Jewish people I feel ambivalent.  Someday I hope that my people the Haudenosaunee will retake our homelands and form our own country which already exists in our hearts and minds.  Perhaps we will be funded $233.7 billion by a foreign world power.  By then the people of Canada and the United States will probably realize that the land is theirs and that they are indigenous in some way or other.  My prayer is that we will not destroy them or advocate genocide ................  Unless I am greatly misinterpreting the bold printed statement, the Editor is giving a veiled threat of all out war if Canada does not give in to the "demands" of Six Nations.  I am not at all clear on what the Editor means, but if the words can be taken at face value then what he is saying is profoundly disturbing, and he needs to be taken to task for these words.

Continuing, The 10,000+ Jews against Israel declared that the land does not belong to Benjamin Netanyahu but to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  In our ancient ways the Haudenosaunee say that we borrow it from the coming faces, our descendants.  Maybe we are both saying the same thing.  Concerning the last statement, the Editor may wish to explain this philosophy to the Director of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute who is obsessed with obtaining not only the former Douglas Creek Estates, but also other land acquisitions, to place in their HDI Land Registry - the goal is ownership, the transfer of the land from the Province of Ontario to the private HDI Land Registry which will be for their private consumption, or that of the people who go to longhouse, the select few who they deem are of "good mind" and deserving to partake of these fruits.

There are two matters embedded in the Editorial which need to be addressed:

1)  The "Native" Editor of "Two Row Times" agrees that others perceive him as a "Quran carrying pro-Hamas terrorist", and the other Editor (non-native) is also perceived strongly in this light, and has gone on record as strongly supporting anti-Semitic causes.  Thus, based on this evidence, we have a newspaper governed by Anti-Semitic individuals who will use their paper as a platform to do what so many others across the world, and through various historical periods, have done.  Specifically, foster hatred towards Jews, and prop up their enemies - the goal, destroy the Jews and the Jewish State.  It is a story that reaches back to the beginnings of the Christian and Muslim "religions" where some sort of boogey men were needed, and Jews filled the bill nicely.  So much suffering, all in the name of religious dogma (often disguising real motives, such as avoiding debt repayment).  So labels such as "Christ killers" and "heretics" could be used by the ignorant and the greedy to justify their "hatred" toward Jews.  Their survival, despite being the scapegoat of virtually every group they came into contact with, is inspiring.

2)  The other statement that it is his wish that when Six Nations retake their former lands, they will not perpetrate genocide, should concern Canadians, and especially those who live in Haldimand and Brant Counties.  I want to make this perfectly clear, our ancestors, whether they arrived as Loyalists of Butler's Rangers and the Six Nations Indian Department,  or as Six Nations and allied tribes came in the years 1783 to 1785 to the Niagara Penninsula and Grand River Territory are indigenous.  No one is more "Indigenous" than the other.  The people intermarried.  Some got "status cards" some did not.  The Editor can feel more "indigenous" than me if he wants, but objective reality would show him wrong.  It is time that we whose ancestors have been here every bit as long as those who through the luck of the draw got "cards", see ourselves as having rights that are trampled on by those whose ancestors lived longer in the Six Nations community - in some cases by only one generation.  This makes no sense, if JG is "Indigenous" with a capital "I", then myself and thousands of others also fall under this banner and demand our share of the pie.  Watch out, we are coming to seek our rightful inheritance.

Those individuals and corporations who wish to have their names and company logos associated with this newspaper do so at their own risk.  As long as the non-Native Anarchist - Communist radicals are affiliated with the newspaper there will be a strong bias in the direction of the far left activists. 

I wish that there was a viable alternative to the Hereditary Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) publishing wing, "Turtle Island News", but alas when "Tekawenake" was disbanded, it left a vacuum that was filled by non-Native radical Unionists, Anarchists, Communists and those who they support (which includes the Palestinians), and Native tag alongs.


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