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Highway 6 to be Shut Down by Six Nations Militants on October 4th and 5th, 2014

In October of 2013 I began this blog, now with over 150 postings, as a result of one specific event.  I had been caught in the traffic nightmare caused by a group of largely youthful Six Nations members who were protesting the fracking for natural gas in New Brunswick and thus supporting the local Natives in that area who were then throwing Molotov cocktails at RCMP and other vehicles.  They decided to block Highway 6 (the main artery between Caledonia and Hagersville and primary north - south route) between 4th and 5th Line.  It was a "last straw" in my frustration with those at Six Nations who are so completely inconsiderate and ignorant as to inconvenience their fellow citizens in order to get a point across, irrespective of the legitimacy of the cause or consequences to others.  I don't mind saying that I was "blazing angry" and dedicated to extracting my "pound of flesh" from these immature largely young adult and adolescent individuals who were propelled and encouraged by a social media campaign orchestrated by a Reserve newspaper.  This group of youthful idealists and unemployed n'er do wells could not care less about emergency vehicle access or the possibility that people could lose their lives because of the recklessness of their actions.  I vowed to do my part in bringing information (evidence, data) to a situation where factions at Six Nations were making completely unsupported, but widely believed, statements (e.g., about the significance of the Two Row Wampum "treaty") that no one at the time was challenging.

What galled me even more about the road blockage, however, was that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) stood by and acted as traffic cops instead of arresting the perpetrators.  Later, when the OPP had the opportunity to lay charges in the matter, they refused.  Without a shadow of a doubt, if any White person or group had decided to block Highway 6, within nanoseconds they would be hauled away and the road re-opened.  This hypocrisy and two - tiered policing has been something that our local Haldimand County community has endured for 8 years since the violent take over of the Douglas Creek Estates by Six Nations militants - effectively castrating the OPP and allowing Six Nations radicals to run rampant. 

So, according to an announcement in "Turtle Island News" (TIN) of 17 September 2014 (p.3) entitled, Highway 6 to be shut down, it is "deja vu" one year later.

Specifically, The Six Nations Men's Fire group says it will shut down Highway 6 at fourth Line October 4 and 5th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to draw attention to Missing and Murdered Women.  Some further details about this illegal and disruptive plan can be found in a recent article in "Two Row Times" seen here.   Similarly, an article in "The Sachem" about this subject was published recently and can be seen here.

As to the legitimacy of "the cause", it should be noted that groups such as radicals from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Eastern Ontario have used a very similar course of action, blocking the main rail line between Montreal and Toronto.  This caused major disruptions to individuals, and millions of dollars in lost revenue to the railways and those who ship via this route.  The rationale was the same, the "demand" for an inquiry into the murdered and missing Native women.  As to the facts, I am not aware that the "missing and murdered" problem is impacting the Six Nations or the Tyendinaga Reserves.  It is a problem that seems linked to the most isolated reserves largely in the northern communities.  The problem is social isolation, boredom, alcoholism, gasoline sniffing, drug abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, domestic violence, sexual assaults, rampant incest, poverty, hopelessness, depression, suicide and on and on with a litany of problems that do not require a special inquiry.  We know that the problem can be traced to the extremely dysfunctional situation on northern reserves which result in Native women leaving their home communities with no skills and few street smarts.  They are disadvantaged and are ripe for the pickings of predators due to the vulnerability of these women.  Many are virtually forced by circumstances to turn to the sex trade to support themselves (and often their drug addiction) - again, among the most riskiest of endeavours.  The unfortunate women from abusive environments and dysfunctional communities are far more likely to engage in very reckless actions such as hitch hiking, a notoriously dangerous behavior in this day and age, and are then selected as targets by those who would prey on the weak and vulnerable.  The Loretta Saunders case is typical of the problem that can be linked to an abusive or chaotic home environment, and criminals (both male and female) who sense the opportunity to target them, victimizing these unfortunate women.  We do not need a national inquiry to tell us what we already know.  Two individuals were arrested in the Saunders case and here it was a law enforcement issue, as is the position of the Federal Government on these matters.  We have the perpetrators in custody.  As to the root causes, there is no easy answer as all potential "solutions" have been tried and most have failed.  Pouring more money into northern communities has not and will not work.  The problem is endemic and radical solutions have the greatest chance of success - but will be met with political outcry.  These reserves should really be closed and the people be given the choice as to where to move.  Many have come to this conclusion on their own, and Winnipeg in particular is home to large numbers of those escaping the tyranny of their former communities - although their vulnerability once again sets the stage for potential victimization.  The "blame" here can squarely be laid at the doorstep of the northern reserves which are unable to make any positive changes, often because of local corruption where chiefs and their family and friends profit from government largess, but the majority of the people live in abject poverty.  The sheer magnitude of the problem, which is impervious to local "solutions", will at times make any well intentioned efforts fruitless and frustrating.  The growing anger of Canadians, sick and tired of demands by Native groups to investigate matters that have been thoroughly explored, and where the ultimate blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the communities which are home to the missing and murdered women, is reflected in a very angry blog posting of 10 September 2014, seen here.  There is general agreement that it is high time that the Native communities and Native groups who have being loudest in "demanding" yet another inquiry into the same matter look squarely in the mirror before expecting the government which they disdain spend millions of taxpayer dollars (the Native groups do not need to pay a penny for the demanded redundant inquiries).  Perhaps if they paid taxes like every other Canadian they would look at things somewhat differently - but if it is someone else's money - what does it matter?  This is especially so especially when political hay can be harvested by garnering the sympathy of the left leaning groups who can be expected to stand in "solidarity" over any Native issue irrespective of the merits - making it look like large numbers of Canadians stand with them.  Those who have seen the numerous reports on the subject by the RCMP and other agencies will realize that the answer is and has been evident for many years.  The answer, severe dysfunction and social decay in the communities of origin of these missing and murdered women.  I suspect that these young idealists or militants of whatever stripe have never read in detail any of the available reports.

Returning to the events set to transpire in early October, the Haldimand County OPP (with the support of Brant County officers) now have a few weeks to plan strategy and take action to ensure that they are not enablers, but enforcers of the law.  As soon as any attempt is made to establish a Highway 6 closure they can move in with heavy equipment at the ready, as well as paddy wagons to transport the perpetrators immediately to the Cayuga Detachment Headquarters.  Only swift and decisive action will serve as a warning that these dangerous and illegal acts will not be tolerated.  One law for all citizens - nothing else will do.  If the OPP fail to act, then we have once again been abandoned by the law and the police force whose job it is to serve and protect.  If they refuse to do their duty, citizens have no choice but to form a Haldimand County Militia with the resources to do what the OPP should, but won't, do.  A phone call to the OPP immediately after the first announcement of the planned blockade brought a promise that the key officer at the Cayuga Detachment would return the call.  That never happened.

Clearly it is time for action to be taken on the part of the citizens of Haldimand.  Some possibilities include blocking the Chiefswood Road bridge which is a major entry point to the Six Nations Reserve for the same length of time Highway 6 is blocked.  Other possibilities include making citizens arrests at the Highway 6 blockade, dialing 911, and remaining at the scene with suitable numbers of other residents to await the arrival of the OPP or the riot squad (which should be at the ready).

I encourage all Haldimand residents to participate in expressing our complete and utter frustration with the militant antics of Six Nations members, and the impotency of the authorities charged with enforcing the law.


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