Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Perimeter of the Fence Around DCE (Kanonhstaton), and Appearance of the Site, as of 25 September 2014

Having been out of country for the last while, I was curious to see for myself what the new chain link fence at the former Douglas Creek Estates property looked like, and how it fit into the landscape.  Recall that this structure was placed on land owned by the Province of Ontario, without their permission.  The group that had prime responsibility for erecting the fence was the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) under the leadership of their very vocal Director, and with the advice of their non - Native legal representative who, however, according to those who defend a non - Native licenced lawyer involving themselves in such questionable dealings, is "of a good mind".

Anyway, what follows is a series of pictures taken on site to allow readers to see the "progress" being made - all the while the Province and County stand by idly apparently not knowing what to do here.  The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) of course is standing down - but in this case I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  I seriously doubt that any one at any level of government has requested that they intervene and stop the illegal construction of this "permanent" fence (I examined it carefully and it is meant to last).  Here follow the images with statements about location:

"Welcome to Six Nations" - although it is NOT Six Nations land
Looking south from the entrance to Surrey Street

"Entrance" to Surrey Street - Note part of stolen Hydro One tower still in place

Looking west along Surrey Street to one remaining intact building (other than the "gatehouse")

The "land protectors "have been hard at work

A gate post for the supposed "aesthetically pleasing" gate (yet to be installed)
Chain link fence extending south from above gate
Gate and fence at Braemar and Thistlemoor cul de sac
Fence from gate looking west at cul de sac
 Assessment:  The fence is substantial, and as chain link fences go, is not in any way tacky.  The entire perimeter of DCE is not covered, but the "key" parts are.  It is likely a statement of supposed ownership (despite the evidence, which of late has never imposed any sort of barrier to conceptualizing what is true and what is false among many factions at Six Nations).  The main gate at Surrey Street has not been erected as yet.  All of the Mohawk Warrior flags have been removed (as of the date of writing), and there is just one Confederacy flag present, which is situated near the Surrey Street gate site.
It should be noted that one "sore spot" between Six Nations and Caledonia residents, the burned out big rig trailer from 2006 has been removed - to join the other burned out hulks (mostly cars and light trucks) on the Reserve, perhaps.
The 40 acre site is still the same topsoil stripped, tick infested, environmentally scared waste land - but of course it has "symbolic value" - but realistically is useless for any proposed purpose.  Those that frequent the place are angry, foul mouthed boors with no evidence of any class - ready to "do battle" with residents and to have even their young children yell the vilest foulest epithets at those who happen to reside near the fence.  This I have directly from those who have experienced these thugs and mini - thugs.  Their parents have taught them well.  This is what we can expect of the upcoming generation at Six Nations - more ill educated, unemployed militants who cannot live without the Government largesse, but who resent having to be dependent on the Canadian State - and taxpayers.  It is unfortunate that those who are enterprising individuals at Six Nations will tend to be tarred with the same brush - unless they speak out and state emphatically that these ill mannered aggressive loud mouths are an embarrassment to the rest of the Community.
At this point no one knows what will become of this fence.  I am guessing that all levels of government would prefer that that matter just be ignored as it has for 8 years.  Meanwhile the illegal claimants are attempting to establish ownership rights by default.  If they fence the property, and no level of government attempts to stop them, they will assert that due to [provide your own rationale], the land once known as the Douglas Creek Estates belongs to [add the group you think will assert rights].  Covetous eyes are being cast at other lands such as in Seneca and South Cayuga Townships - only the tip of a very large iceberg whose extent is anyone's guess since there are groups at Six Nations who want all of the Haldimand Tract under their control in one form or other.

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