Friday, 22 November 2013

A Roll Call of the Con Artists, Rabble Rousing Activists, Extortionists, etc. Working at Six Nations

This will be the shortest post of the over 40 hammered out in the last three weeks (obviously I must think I have a lot to say).

The reason for being so parsimonious here is that someone has completely upstaged me, and has given an amazingly insightful look into the cast of characters that plague Six Nations - including one, Kevin Annett, who has somehow convinced people that he found a virtual ossuary of human bones at a residential school (apparently the author is referring to the Mohawk Institute).  I had not heard his name mentioned before, although I have blogged about the search for skeletal remains at the Mohawk Institute, said "investigation" being based only on hearsay and stories.  Anyway, this was a way out there con - and people fell for it.  The article is a very sad tale of people ripping off members of Six Nations; and members of Six Nations ripping off others.  All very sordid, but very compelling since everything that the author says rings true.  A lot of now familiar names, and / or groups factor into the "big picture".  And all this at home, or in our back yard.  The author titles his article, "The Mess at the Six Nations:  Unions, Anarchists, Marxists & Con Artists .......... "

The cast:

1)  Kevin Annett (apparently non-Native) - alleged con artist who conned Six Nations out of funds

2)  Occupy Toronto

3)  Canadian Auto Workers (CAW)

4)  Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

5)  Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI)

6)  Aaron Detlor (unknown whether Native or not) - Lawyer, and legal adviser for HDI

7)  Jason Bowman (non-Native) - alleged to be either a con artist or insane, provides legal advice to the Mohawk Workers

8)  Toronto Media Co-op (TMC) - a "radical anarchist publication" with alleged links to CAW and HDI

9)  Alex Hundert (non-Native as are all those noted below) - Jailed Anarchist involved in the G20 riots

10)  Judy Rebick - Ryerson University, Political Sciences - alleged involvement with Kevin Annett

11)  Winnie Ng - Ryerson University, Political Sciences - alleged involvement with Kevin Annett

12)  Steve Watson - CAW, alleged association with Black Bloc and other anarchists

13)  Tom Keefer - CUPE, alleged radical anarchist

14)  Others - the connections involved a nexus of elements tied through their Marxist philosophy, and willing to use violence and other anti-social tactics to attempt to get their point across

Please read the following to see the interconnected parts - please click here.


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