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Dangerous Allies: Six Nations and non-Native Communist Advisors

You can learn a lot about a person by the friends they keep.  This simple aphorism applies very well at Six Nations.  If you are willing to make a pact with the Devil, what does it say about you and your cause?  The answer is, plenty.

I don't know when the relationship between Six Nations radicals and members of the Communist Party of Canada first began, but evidence of their liaison was all to apparent during and subsequent to the "Caledonia crisis" of 2006.

Until recently major world powers such as the Soviet Union and China were Communist regimes guided by the teachings of Karl Marx who wrote "Das Capital", and Chairman Mao who wrote his "Little Red Book".  However things have dramatically changed since the 1960s.  Both Russia and China found that the theory did not exactly match up with the practise and the systems basically folded in on themselves.  If not entirely Capitalist in outlook, both regimes are definitely looking strongly in this direction, and have abandoned the Communist dogma of the 1950s to permit their countries to better thrive in the modern world.  Alas, this reality has not sunk in with youthful idealists in Western countries who still read Marx, and believe in the black and white, Communism = good, Capitalism = bad.  Generally these youth abandon these "ideals" when faced with the reality that they have to get a job and support themselves.  One way around this unsettling realisation is to stay enrolled perpetually in a graduate University programme, usually Sociology, History, and Political Science.  Here one is sheltered from life's realities, and is actually encouraged to spout their far left rhetoric under the guise of academic freedom.

So sometime in or about 2006, the Six Nations and various Communists, Anarchists, and radical union members entered into an unholy alliance for the purpose of advancing their respective causes.  These White radicals and their allies, such as Palestinian groups, Black Panther derivatives, and other unsavoury elements which were brought to Six Nations to radicalise the Natives, and provide practical advice on "resistance" and being pro-active in furthering "the cause" - with an ethos that the ends justify the means.  In other words if physical violence and psychological warfare will do the trick, then so be it.  That the Six Nations would make alliances with these groups speaks volumes about whether they might be concerned with obvious moral - ethical dilemmas when confronting their neighbours, who had never done them any harm, but could be used as pawns in a deadly game of ever escalating violence and the sacrifice of innocents.

Residents of Caledonia could fill books with information about their direct contact with the supreme organiser of these groups, one Tom Keefer, a graduate student in Political Science at York University in Toronto.  An excellent reference to Keefer and his agenda can be found here.  His long graduate "career", criminal involvement, and the tactics he is willing to use in the service of his Communist - Anarchist aims are all profiled with examples.  However you really have to talk to Caledonia residents to get to know the "real" Tom Keefer, an articulate individual who cuts an imposing figure.  This belies an utter ruthlessness to achieve goals.  For years he has been a familiar figure at any rally of locals, giving the Six Nations radicals advice on how best to proceed with the "defense".  See here for even more details of Keefer and his antics used against victims of the 2006 "Caledonia crisis".  He and friends from the same niche (radical leftists) would stand side by side with the Six Nations radicals, watching while the impotent defanged OPP shielded them, and instead turning their wrath toward the locals.  I expect that Keefer had many a good laugh at this scenario which fit very well with the goals of the leftist groups.  The motto of the Ontario Anarchists is, "In Chaos we see beauty".  Well, at least they are letting the rest of us know in the clearest possible terms where they are coming from.  To get a sense of CUPE Local 3903, and its agenda, see here.

Tom Keefer

The leftists must have been wringing their hands in glee when they obtained the support of the Six Nations in the attempt to entirely shut down Caledonia on a busy weekend 28 April 2012.  And it worked like a charm, and created the desired level of chaos so important to "the cause".

The event was portrayed as a, "Peace and Friendship Walk and Rally" (also called parade) to promote healing between the local Caledonia residents, and the Six Nations.  In interviews, however, the organisers gave the real reason - to pressure Ottawa to return to land claims talks.  So Caledonia was to be "used" once again to facilitate the agenda of others, in this case those who touted themselves as members of the "Six Nations Solidarity Network".  Prior to the event, Keefer and others tried to "soften up" the locals by holding a picnic in the Kinsman Park (with Keefer and his jackbooted your female followers orchestrating all), and holding meetings with Caledonia residents. See here for a discussion of the lead up to the "parade".  The problem was that absolutely nothing anyone said meant anything - only the pre-arranged agenda which would go ahead irrespective. 

The parade came off as planned with a handful of Six Nations people (including one Chief), and included the expected radicals that are always at such events.  They were, however, vastly outnumbered by contingents from Toronto and elsewhere, many bussed in by CUPE (as an aside - how do members feel about their Union dues being used in this way?).  A huge banner that was at a guess 30 by 150 feet representing the Two Row Wampum, was furled horizontally, carried by White radicals, raised up and down like a Chinese dragon at Chinese New Years.  Many carried flags, waving in the light breeze, each representing their specific group.  I saw flags of the Communist Party of Canada, the Anarchist League (or something like that), the Palestinians, the Black Panthers and of course CUPE (the Canadian Union of Public Employees).  The event shut down Argyll Street, which is the main street of Caledonia, and the event was "monitored" by the OPP - who could not prevent the traffic chaos that was expected by locals.  Apparently the fact that the organisers did not have a parade permit was insufficient to result in any consequences.  The parade went from the north side of Caledonia, across the bridge, and along the southern extent of Argyll Street to the gates (if that is what you can call severed hydro towers) at the former Douglas Creek Estates, and into the lands claimed by the Six Nations.  See here for an overview of the "parade", with pictures of what transpired at the event. 

In examining the photo for Native faces, there do not seem to be many (or any).  This event was largely orchestrated and carried out by the Communists - Anarchists - Radical Unionists - Other Radical Groups, seen here carrying the Two Row Wampum banner.

In order to hopefully defuse any further inroads by the leading Communists and Anarchists, at least one local citizen as well as at least one elected official wrote letters to each of the academic advisers of Keefer and one of his cohorts Luke Stewart, as well as to the Chancellor of each University, requesting assistance to reining in their students who were causing so much pain to Caledonia.  It remains to be seen how much, if any, effect these efforts had.

Actually there is considerable more that can be said, but for the purposes of the blog this is sufficient to give a strong flavour of the problem.  A bottom line is that the Six Nations are keeping bad company, and you are known by the company you keep.  Seeing the Communist Party of Canada flag (along with the flags of even worse radical elements), is like placing a red flag before a bull for those who are old enough to recall the Cold War and the Communist repressions in Europe and Asia.

What occurs, however, is that there is an undetermined number at Six Nations who "believe" that the end justifies the means.  Sadly, this does not bode well for propping up the sagging relationship between the Six Nations and Caledonians.

Update:  According to Two Row Times, November 13th, 2013, in an article entitled, "Union delegation joins the work at Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp", it appears that Keefer (although not mentioned by name) and crew may be headed north to import their agenda to Penetanguishene (p. 5).  Here, a delegation from the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903 joined the Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp ...... and build new relationships with Anishinabek people.  Tom Keefer is a member of Local 3903, and clearly this group senses a new opportunity to "convert" a new group of First Nations and bring them into the fold.  The article asks a question which will resonate with Haldimand and Brant residents, why are a group of members of a union representing contract faculty, teaching assistants and graduate assistants at York University, joining the work at this unity camp?  The answer given is that, Some of the CUPE 3903 members described the mutual benefits in a relationship between unions and land reclamations. 

This all sounds so familiar to those of us who have lived through the various CUPE 3903 sponsored and supported events in Caledonia and vicinity from prior to 2006 to at least late 2012.  Perhaps the welcome mat is no longer out for Keefer here, and he and colleagues must look further afield for opportunities to express their Communist agenda.  All I can say here is, "good luck to the people of Penetanguishene and surrounds".  We here know what you are in for.

Update:  Since the newspaper, Two Row Times, is the new kid on the block, it is expected that there will be some shuffling around until a strong working group of employees can be assembled. What I noticed this week, was that the newspaper, instead of reflecting the Community at Six Nations, is also reflecting of the White leftist anarcho-communist "supporters" of Six Nations. One would presume that there is a difference. So now, in addition to Senior Writer Jim Windle (a non-Native activist from Brantford), we now find two very significant additions to the staff - well actually one in two roles. The General Manager is Tom Keefer, who is also, along with Six Nations member Jonathan Garlow, the second member of the Editorial Team. As has been noted in a number of blog posts, Mr. Keefer, a non-Native, has a long and sordid history with Caledonia. His unabashed Communist Party and Ontario Anarchist Party ties apparently do not concern his employers. See here for example. A google search will turn up a great deal on his "work" with CUPE 9303, and his radical past. Perhaps he has given up after his many years at York University, on working to obtain a Ph.D. in Political Science. In 2010, according to his curriculum vitae seen here, he was in year 6 of his doctoral programme - so now year 8, well beyond the allotted maximum in most such settings. I am sure that there is a story as to the departure, or leave of absence, and I will add a link if this can be located. I am predicting "creative differences" with this assembly of publishing staff, but only time will tell.


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