Sunday, 3 September 2017

Attempt to Move Barricade to the Railway Tracks

The subject here will be events relating to the railway tracks situated behind the Douglas Creek Estates (DCE), seen below as a diagonal line between River Range Gas Bar (on the Rez) and Argyle Street South (in Caledonia).  The Caledonia Bypass loops over the tracks as seen in the map below (click to increase size).

Railway Tracks Behind DCE - Shown as Diagonal Line Between Bypass Label  and #6 Sign

Feeling the heat from their own people, the intelligentsia of the thugs blockading Argyle Street South have come up with a plan B.  It is reported in an article, "Incident in Caledonia" found in the Brantford Expositor of 3 September 2017.  To view the whole article click here.

I will quote some parts of the above with "annotations":

"Plans to move a blockade from Argyle Street South in Caledonia to nearby train tracks was thwarted by the threat of mass arrest, say a group of Indigenous demonstrators. [So why have the OPP not threatened mass arrests if the criminals don't remove the blockade on Argyle Street South?]
 The demonstrators issued a statement saying they had decided to move the barricade from Argyle Street (also known as Plank Road), to the train tracks.
“However, the threat of mass police arrests prevented us from taking down the barricade,” the statement said.
The OPP meanwhile, issued their own statement, saying that observed a group of people walking westbound on Sixth Line and as police officers travelled toward the railway tracks they notice wooden pallets on the track that had been set on fire. [Arsonists should be arrested on the spot]
Six Nations Fire attended the scene and put out the fire. [The tracks are not on the Reserve but between the Rez and Argyle Street South. This begs the question, what is the role of Six Nations Police here?There were no injuries but OPP say they are now investigating the fire as mischief.
Const. Rod LeClair of the Haldimand County OPP, had no response to the comment concerning the 'threat of mass arrests' by police.  [So much for being honest and open]
“Our role remains to preserve the peace and maintain the safety of the public and officers,” LeClair said." [In other words, "don't rock the boat, and whatever you do don't upset the Natives]

And further, “This will affect all Onkwehonwe [means "the real people" and is racistnations across Turtle island where traditional Onkwehonwe governments are ignored [because they are antiquated and dysfunctional and can't even muster a quorum], treaties such as the Two Row Wampum [this 1613 item is a trade agreement between two Dutchmen and a half a dozen unidentified Native peopleare broken and Onkwehonwe sovereignty over our land is denied,” they said in their statement. “This issue is particularly relevant and urgent with the announcement by the Trudeau government to separate the INAC (Indigenous affairs) offices in an attempt to mend nation-to-nation relationships [there is no such relationship, the Indian Act prevails and the Crown ruleswith Indigenous communities.” 
Two recent newspaper articles which address this topic are "Clairmont:  Rumors swirl around Caledonia blockade", Hamilton Spectator, 4 September 2017 - click here;  "'Threat of mass police arrests' prevents Caledonia barrier relocation", the Sachem, 4 September 2017 - click here.

So the brave warriors and women who have come up with this novel brilliant plan of blocking the same road as before failed in their attempt to effect any change.  So Plan B, shift gears and instead block the railway line that brings oil, steel and wall board from the area between Nanticoke on Lake Erie to the gypsum plant along 3rd Line and then on to Toronto.  Guess they did not know that blocking a railway is going to result in serious consequences, whereas if you are "Native" you can block access to a quaint Ontario town of 10,000 people indefinitely, and with impunity.

I am sure that many wonder, "don't these people have jobs?".  Who can take two weeks from their schedule to sit in a tent and "protest"?  Does some of the money come from the millions of dollars that the HCCC extorted, on the basis of false assertions, from the green energy companies since 2006?  Good questions, and relevant to understanding who we are dealing with.
So, what is next?  I doubt that even the "protesters" know at this point.

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