Friday, 15 September 2017

Conversation With OPP Officers "Standing" Vigil at the DCE Barricade Site (Opposite Surrey Street)

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with OPP officers who are working 12 hour shifts, with two cars present, 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, parked directly opposite the gate to the Douglas Creek Estates (DCE or Kanonstaton) property.

Clearly there is only so much that the officers were able to provide in the way of information.  To do otherwise would be to jeopardize the operational plan.

First I should note that the right hand gate door was open fully, thus seeming to indicate that in fact there was no padlock placed there by the OPP (calling into question information given to me by a resident living proximal to the site).

The officers stationed opposite the DCE site are from scattered detachments throughout the Province, since in the past the Six Nations activists have made a point of taking down the licence plate numbers of the personal vehicles of the police officers at Cayuga and informing them that, "we know where you live".  In relation to the "protesters" who did that, I have always thought, "how low can you go".

In response to my inquiry about contingency plans IF the "protesters" at DCE decided to drag what remains of the Hydro One "tower" across the road again, since they don't seem to have a Plan B to deploy, the answer was YES.  I realized that any further information would compromise their actions, so did not press for more information.

I did inform an officer that it was my understanding "from unnamed sources" that the "protesters" were planning to stay all winter in those tents, so the OPP will need to plan accordingly.

All in all we had a pleasant conversation and I did note to the officers that it was my sincere hope that the OPP has changed since 2006 - to which an officer stated that indeed things have changed, from leadership on down.

I was left feeling confident that if not exactly what we would expect, we will never go back to the bad old days when the OPP were literally taking sides, and it was NOT ours.


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