Saturday, 5 July 2014

Haldimand County Issues Press Release Regarding DCE

On 4 July 2014 there was a meeting of Haldimand County Council, and a summary has been published in "The Sachem" under the title of the present posting.  See here for the complete article.

While I could quote the entire article, the content is largely a repeat of what has been said before and discussed in recent postings on this blog.  The parts which I consider new or different in some way are the following in quotation marks:

Haldimand Council met on July 4th to discuss the next steps. They agreed with Six Nations Elected Chief Ava Hill’s comments that the Federal government needs to resume active negotiations on the native land claims for the long term stability of this area. Mayor Hewitt stated that “the Province needs to honour its commitment to work with both Haldimand County and Six Nations to actively develop a future use for the lands that benefits both communities.” At the local level, the focus needs to be on finding common ground which will lead to peaceful solutions. This is particularly important given the negative pressure being exerted by a few individuals, which will only serve to further divide the two communities.

The obvious question here is, who are these "few individuals" who have been exerting "negative pressure".  Could this be Gary McHale, the bane of the existence of Six Nations militants because he stands up for the rule of law and is against two - tiered policing - he has been the one constant here in Caledonia - ready to come to our defense despite considerable risks to himself (particularly from the Ontario Provincial Police).  It is solely because of the actions of Gary that the matter was brought to a head.  His simple act of walking down a public road, inadvertently challenging the "authority" of Six Nations has put the matter into the spotlight - especially with Sun News.  Had he not acted everyone would still be spinning their wheels.  Accolades should be given to Gary McHale, not the "demonizing" seen by not only Six Nations militants, but also by at least some (all?) on Haldimand County Council.  Shame on them.

Perhaps I am included here, since I have had a number of discussions with the mayor about the matter and my blog is anything but supportive of Six Nations "concerns".  If I was a Government official, I am sure I would have been sent for "sensitivity training" despite the fact that I am one of the Caledonians most familiar with Six Nations culture, history, and genealogy.

An important question needs to be asked? Does the list of those exerting "negative pressure" include HH of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute and AM of the Men's Fire?

Also noted was, At its meeting, Council reviewed a draft by-law which will remove public access rights on the roads leading into DCE. Such action is aimed at eliminating the unnecessary, negative disruptions that are occurring at the site. This by-law will be further considered at a future Council meeting. Council also authorized the Mayor to continue discussions with Six Nations and the Province regarding the DCE property.

So presumably this edict is a fascist - like attempt to stop Gary McHale from exercising his rights as a Canadian, and also for keeping all us pesky locals away from DCE.  Ok, I have a question, does this mean that Six Nations will no longer have any "public access" to the site?  It is not Six Nations land, and is actually land stolen from a developer and occupied illegally by Six Nations activists despite a Court Injunction issued by Judge Marshall of the Superior Court in Cayuga.  If there is a move to allow one group of citizens (those whose acts are illegal and highly disruptive) to wander about DCE at will (Six Nations members), but bars anyone who is not a member of Six Nations (or their outside supporters) from entering the premises (in other words Caledonian residents) - this is blatant discrimination, blatant racism at its worst.  However, before I make assumptions, more information is needed.


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