Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What it Will Take to Settle the DCE / Kanonhstaton Matter - Considering that HDI Runs the Show There

There is ONLY ONE peaceful solution possible in the present situation viz a viz the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) / Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) versus everyone else.  I will offer my perspective in a somewhat lighthearted, but hopefully poignant, way at the end of this post.  However, to highlight the absolute intransigence / inflexibility of the HDI, I will first provide a summary of the Editorial in their media mouthpiece, "Turtle Island News" 30 July 2014, p.6, entitled, Wynne is MIA leaving neighbours to find solutions

Here the Editor castigates the real perceived cause of the problems - the Province of Ontario - calling Premier Kathleen Wynne, "Missing in action".  The Editor states that, Ontario has refused to renew a communications protocol, put in place by Kathleen Wynne when she was Aboriginal Affairs Minister.  Therefore, why would Ontario suddenly be surprised when a fence ....... suddenly goes up.  

Before I continue quoting from the Editorial, I think it is important to note that the situation is far more complex than stated.  Actually the Federal Government was involved in the negotiations as well as the Elected Council.  In 2010 the latter two withdrew since the HCCC representatives demanded to be the sole negotiators - they got their wish, but there was no one to negotiate with. 

Going back to 2006, in order to defuse the volatile situation the Province of Ontario sent in negotiating teams and those they were faced with were the only group left standing, the HCCC / HDI.  So they did agree to a temporary protocol for negotiations (there is no evidence that it was meant to be permanent) just to "get through the day" when dealing with terrorists.  So DCE was purchased by Ontario from the legitimate owners, and to this day is registered in Cayuga as belonging to the Province.  There were problems such as the barrier across Argyle Street and other insurrections that had been perpetrated against the people of Caledonia and Ontario (e.g., bringing down the Hydro One towers; destroying a Hydro One substation which knocked out power to Caledonia and parts of Six Nations).  So in desperation, the possibility of granting parcels of land to Six Nations was brought to the table - one parcel being the former Burtch Correctional Center and surrounding land (about 250 acres).  As I understand it, Ontario realized that due to a variety of factors (e.g., overlapping jurisdiction with the Federal Government) it was simply out of the question to give HDI what it wanted.  No doubt, having the Federal Government state in no uncertain terms that the DCE property had been properly surrendered 18 December 1844 by 47 Chiefs in Council, factored into Ontario's realization that they were being duped.

Somehow the Editor appears to ignore all of the above.  To move into a more bizarre domain, the Editor states, Could Ontario really be so naive to think that people really believe their claim that they invited the HCCC to a meeting in Toronto a few weeks ago to discuss the fence when they didn't even bother to tell the HCCC where the meeting was.  Seriously, How many people get invited to a party and are not told where it is being held?  The Elected Council, County of Haldimand and Province of Ontario would be able to confirm or refute this statement.  At the time the HCCC, in writing, refused to attend - because the Elected Council would also be present.  Thus the Editor's comments warrant some further explorations - they seem quite wrong.

The Editor continues on the same theme of blaming Ontario, saying, Only Ontario would pull such a unilateral stunt to keep the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs from being seen for what they are, the only government at the Grand River that is invested with the authority to deal with.  The Editor then accuses the Federal Government and the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) with conspiring, to exploit Six Nations lands.  This is a huge stretch.  SNEC is the only legal authority mandated to negotiate with the Federal Government through the Indian Act of 1876 and later revisions.  Since 1924, HCCC has NEVER accepted the legal relationship between SNEC and the Federal Government.  Thus the spin above since the Editor is clearly indicating that only the HCCC has legitimacy at Six Nations - untrue, but this is what we are dealing with.

More odd accusations in relation to Ontario are made which are too off the wall to even report here.  Always someone is needed to accept blame for any misfortune - taking personal or group responsibility would be a rarity in this part of the world.  Here and now it is Ontario on the receiving end - they are the only ones who can "return" DCE, and they are not playing ball, they are making it clear that this is not an option - thus Ontario becomes the target - thus for the moment taking some heat off Gary McHale, the Haldimand County Council and the Federal Government who are the usual entities in the cross hairs (metaphorically speaking).

The Solution?:  As can be seen in many of the previous blog postings, the HDI has no interest in negotiation.  They want direct talks with Ontario and, mark my words, will NEVER settle for anything but full and unrestricted control over the DCE property.  Therefore if bringing in the army will not fly, the only solution is to utterly capitulate to terrorists (generally not a good idea).  So Ontario must step forward and say something along the lines of this imaginary scenario,

The Province of Ontario to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute

"We are pleased to be in a position to turn the ownership of the former Douglas Creek Estates (sorry, Kanonhstaton, we need to be very culturally sensitive since we despair of any bad press involving Natives) over to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute, although the fact that it cost Ontario taxpayers $16 million to buy out the legal owners (Henco) is of some mild concern.   Oh, well yes, the multi millions of dollars spent to cover OPP overtime in "Cashedonia", and the monies spent to compensate owners of nearby properties, and the businesses which suffered due to the 2006 violent take over (sorry, "reclamation").  There is also the millions lost as a result of your efforts to keep Hydro One workers from stringing the high tension wires from Niagara Falls on the towers just south of Kanonhstaton.  Then there are the illegal contraband cigarette shacks you guys erected on Hydro One land.  We have found it difficult to explain these circumstances to the public, but most Canadians have been taught that Natives have been victimized by the "racist" policies of the Federal Government, so "White guilt" should take care of that potential problem. 

However, all things considered, it is with much satisfaction that we offer this property to you despite the pain and suffering caused to the citizens of Caledonia and surrounds, because we are certain that you are sorry for these actions, and would say so if the opportunity presented itself. 

We hope that you will use this land in a manner that will benefit members of all communities, but if you wish to build a casino or an array of contraband cigarette shacks on the property, then it is your right to do so since the OPP will not enforce the laws of Ontario except under certain unclear circumstances. 

We trust that this gift will make a nice addition to the newly created Haudenosaunee Land Registry.  The fact that the land was legally surrendered by your ancestors 170 years ago was not taken into consideration - we anticipate some difficulty with academics and others with copies of the surrender - but we won't dwell on it.  Certain that you wish to acquire other properties in the Haldimand Tract to bulk out this Registry, it is our sincere hope that you will not cause excessive damage while divesting legal owners of their rights.  

Unfortunately there will be those "activists" within the non-Native community who will take exception to our decision.  We wish at all costs to avoid another "Caledonia 2006" situation.  To this end we will ensure that the media obtains the most helpful spin on things.  Surely the majority of taxpayers of Ontario and Canada can see that we have made the right decision here, accepting that it has nothing to do with political correctness or such cynical interpretations.  Some believe that governments should never negotiate with terrorists.  However citizens will eventually come to understand that there is reason to fear that by not caving in to your firm demands it would surely create more work stoppages, road blockades, and threats of violent civil disobedience, so eventually full support our actions is expected as all want to avoid such unpleasantness.  There will no doubt be some backlash from those most impacted by the DCE situation, or those who question the decision on moral or legal grounds.  Ultimately, as you are no doubt aware, we will just have to wait it out and the furor will die down with time, leaving the Federal Government at blame in the public perception." 

While this has been said tongue in cheek, is it all that far off the mark?  The ball is in Ontario's court.



  1. Yes . . . tongue in cheek, but poignant. You might have added: Please do try to restrain your peskyness and wait it out, although we sympathize that you will, and rightly so, be impatiently casting your eyes on your next target.

  2. Bonnie - oh so true! There is of course the former Burtch Correctional Center lands, land in South Cayuga, and Eagle's Nest in Brantford - and who knows where else. Their immediate objective is to add 500 acres to the Reserve (actually to the HDI Land Registry). I hope that people understand that what is of most interest is ......................... the money, for the principals at HDI, in order to support the lifestyle to which they wish to become accustomed. DeYo.