Friday, 11 July 2014

THIS TIME IT IS DIFFERENT: Massive Media Coverage & Canadians Overwhelming Support Caledonians in Land Dispute

While for years now the media has virtually ignored us, joining the Ontario Provincial Police and the Government of Ontario as those we perceived as having deserted us to our fate.  In the last two weeks there has been almost constant (even daily) media newspaper articles as well as TV reports and interviews.  The online comments to these stories are overwhelmingly supportive of us - and the anger towards the "Natives" is palpable.  Now people are questioning why they get Government cheques yet disrespect the Government and create costly and destructive situations which they turn around and blame the victims (Caledonians), the Federal Government, the Ontario Government, the Ontario Provincial Police, and anyone but themselves.  Clearly the "average Canadian" is fed up with the whining coming from Native groups, the violence, the threats, the misuse of funds and so on. 

What the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council and Haudenosaunee Development Institute do not seem to realize is that virtually everyone sees them for what they are - a group led by terrorists and thugs.  No longer perceived as a victim of "colonialism" or "racism" - terms for which Canadians no longer have patience, the HCCC / HDI spin masters are going to have a serious uphill battle this time around.  What really got people, even former supporters, thoroughly disgusted are recent statements which amount to nothing more nothing less than threats.  If "the government" does not negotiate (translation - give in completely to our demands), then there will be "dire consequences", that will make 2006 seem like a tea party. 

After the virtual  "media blackout" in relation to events in Caledonia post 2006, it might have been the fact that in 2011 the then 22 year old Richard Smoke got a Court sentence of less than two years for beating builder Sam Gaultieri almost to death in his own home after a break and enter - still threatening others; and whose family and supporters showed the ultimate in class act in failing to rise when the presiding judge entered the Court.  This pitiful situation where there was a double standard in sentencing (a non-Native person would have expected a sentence of about 8 years) echoes what we still experience in Caledonia - one set of rules for those classed as "Natives", and another set of rules for those classed as "non-Native".  Live here as I do and you see it play out time and time and time again.  So Mr. Smoke is now out and I wonder how he is getting on.  There are no photos of him on the Internet, so those of us who would like to know if we are facing him along the barricades simply don't know.  There was general outrage against this travesty of justice, as reflected in the article by Peter Worthington, Sentence too lenient, in the "Toronto Sun", 26 December 2011 (see here).  The comments section will illustrate how Canadians feel about a double standard in sentencing where the fact that Smoke's grandparents were in Residental School.  So therefore he is less culpable.  Alas, this makes no sense because the "Mohawk Institute" Residental School is on the Six Nations Reserve and within walking distance of anyone's home there.  The public doesn't know that of course, and it sounds so "compassionate" to take this into account, but it is an irrelevant factor - and Mr. Gaultieri has to live a lifetime with permanent brain damage caused by Smoke's liberal use of a 2x4 piece of wood.

It is as if the media now can't get enough of our situation and has finally come to the conclusion - how were they able to endure the abuse, and importantly, why should they have to continue to live in fear with anarchy and violence on their doorstep, and without the protections all other Canadians take for granted?

Here is a sample of some of the media coverage that should be watched in full:

Sun News TV (Toronto)Six Nations chiefs warn of 'grave consequences' if talks with province break down. Click here.  On this page there are a series of reports and interviews which shed light on the changing views of the general public on what we have been forced to endure for 8 years.  In general, the reporters and interviewers seem incredulous - amazed at the lawlessness that is still rampant in this cute little rural town called Caledonia.  The same interviewee, Sarah McLaughlin, was later interviewed by Anthony Furey on Sun News Toronto TV, but the video does not appear to be available any longer.

CHCH TV (Hamilton):  An article entitled, Gov't releases statement about disputed land (see here) is a good example with numerous comments.  Al Sweeney has been the most consistent reporter following the Caledonia crisis at various points - showing up when only Six Nations media are present.  He is to be commended for his exemplary work.

The National Post:  A good summary of Minister Duguid's (falsely) blaming the Federal Government for the "Caledonia crisis" is found here, and is entitled, Ontario says federal government to blame if dispute with Six Nations leads to unrest in Caledonia this summer.  An amazing number of comments (I lost count) particularly since it was published 11 July 2014 and I retrieved it two days later.  Virtually all commenters have caught the Ontario Government in this ruse, knowing full well that they are abrogating their responsibility to the people of Caledonia and Ontario - and that the OPP must be called in to enforce the various Court Injunctions to remove the occupiers.

The Brantford Expositor:  A good example of the changing perspective in the print media is seen in the "Expositor".  See here, and particularly, you may wish to scroll through the comments (there are plenty, and they are consistent).  Numerous comments.

The Hamilton Spectator:  An example of a recent article, entitled, Six Nations warns removing blockade will disrupt peace, with comments can be found here.  11 comments.

The Sachem:  One might think that since this is the local (to Caledonians) newspaper, that articles about the blockade would bring forth a large number of comments.  This is not the case, and a mere 3 would be considered typical (on any subject).  An example is, Considering talk before action at DCE, see here, 2 comments.

A heartfelt thank you to the media who now "get it" and understand what we have been through over a period of 8 years, and are now facing once again - with the threat that the violence this time will far exceed what we experienced in 2006 (and subsequent years).  In particular thanks to Christie Blatchford who wrote her book "Helpless: Caledonia's Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us" in 2010, providing poignant glimpses into what life was like for those living near DCE.  She received death threats, and had leftist university students attempt to stop her talks at major universities (a fine example of how the importance of freedom of speech is taught in our schools to these "spoiled brats").  Her subsequent articles in the National Post, Globe and Mail and Brantford Expositor helped keep the matter in the public light.  Furthermore, without Gary McHale's valiant stand on equal justice before the law, reflected in his book "Victory in the No-Go Zone" (focusing on two - tiered policing) and published in 2013.  However the trigger for the present circumstances, bringing the simmering anger of residents to a boil, was his citizen's arrest of a self - proclaimed "land protector" at DCE, initiating an abreaction from the "usual suspects" among the HCCC followers.  Their recent action involving the pulling of the barricade across Surrey Street was immensely ill conceived as it only served to bring attention to the double standard existing in Haldimand with one law for the "Natives" and another for non-Natives.  Fortunately we have an excellent Mayor in Ken Hewitt at the helm, and Council members who could all see that there was a serious problem that could only be rectified by removing the barricade which blocked a County road, and also ensuring that if anyone was allowed on DCE it would be all residents of whatever racial - ethnic - cultural background.  If my blog and incessant e-mails to every official imaginable helped to play some small role, I am pleased.



  1. DeYo, I believe your blog has played more than a “small role” in helping to draw attention to this issue. Have let quite a few people know about it; some of these individuals have passed on the link to others, including government officials.

    As you know, I did a February 2, 2014 post about your blog, on my blog, because I wanted to make more people aware of what you are saying. When I published my post, you had 80 entries, and now you have about 116; this output underscores your commitment to getting the word out. There is a lot of information in your posts that is not readily available elsewhere, so you are making it easier for people to understand the complexity of the situation.

    One of the lessons I have learned from my more than 50 years of involvement with aboriginal issues is that the collective approach only works well when the native community is healthy and strong, and not mired in negativity. Some Six Nations individuals have acknowledged that there is dysfunction in their community. As you said in your July 5, 2014 post, there were “Six Nations present with the Caledonia group who see themselves as Canadian.” We need to be very supportive of these fellow Canadians.

    In my opinion, Six Nations will never have a viable and self-sustaining action plan until they put 1924 behind them, and move forward with a governance model that works within the Canadian Constitutional framework.

    As you also said your July 5, 2014 post, “the key to success is education not indoctrination; critical thinking skills, not robotic recitation.” The indoctrinated robots need to be sent for 21st century reprogramming.

    1. Thank you counterpoise for your comments, and for your support of my endeavours. Your encouragement of my efforts since day one has helped me realize that others out there share the perspective I have garnered in my research.

      Indeed, I have been tireless (not easy for an old guy) in trying to get the word out - to provide factual information that can be verified showing that much of what Six Nations believe is without foundation, and mired in the mists of time.

      We are now at a critical juncture, with all levels of government and the media actively involved. Something is set to happen, but as yet just what specifically is not entirely clear. After being ignored for so long, and in the near past being treated as "the enemy" by the OPP, I now see a few rays of hope on the horizon - some of it ironically being as a direct result of missteps by members of the most radical element among the HCCC (including the HDI).

      The way things are now established, it seems highly likely that true justice may come to replace the narrow minded views and anarchy that people here have been forced to accept - there have been few options. Hopefully the more moderate elements at Six Nations will step forward and help bring sanity to our neck of the woods.

      If the truth should be our guide, there is a lot of factual information that will shed light here - but people need to read it and be able to separate propaganda from that which is underpinned by hard data - good evidence from wishful thinking. DeYo.