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Haldimand Mayor Backtracks on Promise that Barricade Is Coming Down?

In the today's issue of "Turtle Island News" (TIN), 2 July 2014, p.5, is the article entitled, Haldimand Mayor puts threat to take out "barricade" on hold after private weekend meeting.

I have no patience with people, especially elected officials, who say they will do one thing, waffle, change their mind, and then retreat to the status quo.  Is this an example of flip flopping or the "Stockholm syndrome" - some sort of identification with the aggressors?  Perhaps, but it is more likely that the Mayor has little choice but to meet with the self appointed representatives of Six Nations in relation to this matter which is bound to cause discord, and if all cards are not played well, the terrorists could use any action as a pretext to escalate the situation to their advantage.  The Men's Fire and affiliated Haudenosaunee Development Institute have shown in numerous work stoppages in Haldimand and Brant Counties that they do not "play fair", and that the facts and the truth mean nothing to them - only their "agenda" holds any sway, and the end justifies any means.

As noted in postings below, Haldimand County Council had voted unanimously to remove the illegal barrier blocking Surrey Street, a County Road.  This structure is a legacy of the total breakdown in the rule of law, and the two - tiered policing that has been the order of things since local thugs, international organized criminal elements, lay abouts, White Communist - Anarchist supporters, and other unsavoury elements have plagued the site since day one.  Caledonia had been terrorized, and individual citizens brutalized by the uncaring, unfeeling, control freaks who made their life miserable particularly during 2006.  It is disappointing that the Mayor has concluded that these groups are even worthy of two minutes of his time ................. but until more is known, perhaps we need to give him some slack and the benefit of the doubt.

Since 2006, we here have learned that the police (Ontario Provincial Police), the Federal Government, the Provincial Government could care less about us rubes out in the sticks.  Let us suffer, there are not that many votes involved anyway.  So who is here to protect us?  Who can we call if we need assistance and there is a "Native issue" in progress?  I did report earlier on a well documented (by video camera with sound) take down of a Six Nations "land protector" who assaulted a citizen and was arrested in a calm professional manner by the OPP.  This event gives some hope that if individual officers have the discretion to make an arrest, they will do so - if there is no interference from "up top" (the most egregious examples being from the era of Commissioner Fantino who blamed everything on the one person we could depend upon, Gary McHale).

Here is what is reported in the above newspaper article.  There are no immediate plans to remove the security barrier at the front entrance of Kanonhstaton after a secret meeting on Sunday with Haldimand Mayor Ken Hewitt, the Six Nations Men's Fire, OPP and a handful of elected councilors.

Hewitt told Turtle Island News on Monday that he walked away from the meeting with more understanding of the "emotional attachment" Six Nations people have to the land at the former Douglas Creek Estates housing development on Argyle Street in Caledonia.

"I believe it was a very good start for me to appreciate and understand a lot of the dealings and the sentiments of the people ........... who are pretty emotionally attached to the property" said Hewitt.

"At the same time, it was an opportunity for me to express to them where we're coming from.  It was an opportunity for people to learn more about each other". 

The article once again perpetuates the lies that JG suffered numerous bruises and injuries when police arrested him after an altercation with Binbrook activist Gary McHale.  Any injuries, according to the multiple videos of the take down were caused by JG resisting arrest and placing himself in a situation where he caused a few scrapes, and perhaps sore arms because he forced the officers to carry him dead weight (refusing to walk to the squad car).

HH, the Director of the radical Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI, the extortion wing of the Hereditary Confederacy Chief's Council), gave her opinion that, Any concerns they have should be directed to Ontario rather than attempting to hijack what are very serious and established treaty rights and turn it into their own political platforms in a campaign stunt.  This is sheer nonsense since the Six Nations have NO valid treaty rights (only the fraudulent "Nanfan Treaty"), and it is the Federal Government not Ontario who negotiates with Native leaders - which would be the Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) based on a number of key Court decisions such as "Isaac et al. v. Davey et al. (1974)" noted previously.  So the HDI and Haudenosaunee Men's Fire (HMF), who are responsible for so much chaos and destruction are allowed to rule the roost here and it is they who are calling the shots.  It is also they, and their stubborn insistence that they alone have the right to negotiate with the Government (any level of) who in turn caused SNEC, the legally constituted party for all Six Nations negotiations, enormous frustration to the point where they, walked away from the talks in 2010. 

The Ontario Government is saying that the Federal Government needs to return to the table before they former can get fully engaged, but the latter cannot do so because of the factionalism at Six Nations with infighting between HCCC and SNEC.  So basically the Ontario and Federal Governments are being told by Six Nations that they need to return to the bargaining table or that they are delaying or that ................. when the truth is that no level of Government knows who is in charge (so many competing factions make that claim) - yet they are blamed for holding up negotiations!  What is really incredible is that many people buy into this concocted story, where in fact it is the Six Nations who are putting everyone else into a no win situation yet have the audacity to point the finger of blame at "the Government". 

What is really galling are the veiled threats given to Mayor Hewitt.  There is not a shadow of a doubt that he and the Government are negotiating with terrorists here.  The article in TIN continues, saying, Sources said Hewitt was warned at the meeting if the county tried to forcefully remove the barrier, there would be a flare - up in the town "worst than what happened in 2006" when Six Nations reclaimed the land from developers.  Really, well that is a lie - there was no "reclamation" only "theft". 

Mayor Hewitt said that, As mayor, I only speak for council.  I can't simply remove a resolution that was passed.  (I said) I would give council an update on the meeting and encouragement that there was opportunity to discuss ways to assist each other in achieving our goals.  With due respect, that has been tried for 8 years with absolutely no success.  It is time to shift gears and put some teeth into the law.  An injunction was issued 8 years ago requiring the removal of all the protestors.  It has never been enforced (all hell broke loose when the OPP attempted to do so in 2006).

The world needs to see the evidence of the surrender of the land at DCE at the Onondaga Longhouse on 18 December 1844 by 45 Chiefs in Council, and again on 17 September 1845 by 66 Chiefs in Council, and the question is why 170 years later should descendants of those who granted the land to the Crown have any right to undo what Council agreed to so many years ago.  What is the rationale.  There is none that will wash and the world needs to know that the reclamation is based on greed, and perceived entitlement, not on law.  If the Flemish citizens of say Belgium decide that despite signed agreements by the legitimate authorities that they don't like what was done and they want the land to be assigned back to only the Flemish - would that be accepted, or does it make any sense?  A deal is a deal, and it was done in Haldimand to allow the Six Nations Community to remain intact as it was becoming evident that individual members were selling off their lots to White buyers and what remained of Six Nations territory was becoming a patchwork of plots and the Six Nations becoming scattered (many left in disgust for the American Northwest - Ohio - at this time where they hoped to live as a group in the Honey Creek Mohawk settlements and nearby Seneca settlements).

If there is an insurrection as described, then finally the military can be called in to clear the land of terrorists and restore order.  The law is fully on the side of the Crown, there is no gray area here.  If Six Nations members defied the law and threatened surrounding communities, it is the duty of the army to "take care of business" - something that should have been done long ago since there is not the faintest hope that the emboldened (thanks to the many enablers) activists will back away.  They have learned that if they press ahead forcefully, the "authorities" will always back down.  I have heard them laugh at the police and the Courts and anyone who "defies them" since, the attitude is that "the land is ours for the taking".  With my own ears I have heard activists say precisely this - and that "Caledonia is ours".  You cannot reason with people like this, as events since 2006 have shown, only the force of the law applied evenly to all Canadians can do that - and if it takes the army, it will show that a line has been crossed and that outright anarchy will not be allowed to prevail in this small section of Canada.  If no one else will assist us, the onus will be on our shoulders to deal with these domestic terrorists as befits the circumstances.


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