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Ontario Aboriginal Affairs Minister to Intervene in Caledonia Barricade Impass

Recently I wrote to Hon. David Zimmer, the Aboriginal Affairs Minister for Ontario to alert him to recent developments, with the emphasis on the need to address the facts of the matter.  Specifically I emphasized that Six Nations have absolutely no legal claim to the former Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) (Kanonhstaton), that it is imperative to stop giving in to terrorists, and that under no circumstances (in my opinion) should Six Nations be given DCE.  See here for specific of e-mail.   I am convinced that if DCE is turned over to Six Nations it will set a very very dangerous precedent.  For example it will lead to expectations that they should also have the Burtch Correctional lands, and "surplus" lands in South Cayuga Township owned by the Province obtained by expropriating family farms with the odd belief that they would need it to create a residential satellite community to serve the Nanticoke industrial complex.  From there all doors are open, and that cannot be allowed.

For reasons not stated, David Zimmer had come to the conclusion that he would enter the fray and become directly involved in negotiations with various elements among Six Nations (that will prove to be a challenge), and Haldimand County.  Sun News Network has limited information here.

In an article entitled, Province hopes to help cool divide over Caledonia blockade removal, 4 July 2014 the "plan" is outlined - Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Zimmer's office is setting up a summit meeting with Six Nations chiefs and Haldimand County officials to find a "viable solution" after the county agreed to start tearing down the blockade at the former housing development site.  A very brief overview of the conflict is given - but little else since, No date or place for the meeting has been confirmed. 

Some further details are provided, but much is unclear or hazy.  What is stated is as follows:

"We hope to have our concerns recognized and Six Nations hopes to have theirs recognized," Haldimand Mayor Ken Hewitt said Friday. "Somewhere between the two is where we hope to land."

Chief Ava Hill said in an e-mail that she was withholding comment until the meeting date is confirmed and after she's had a discussion with the Six Nations council.

We will see where this leads.  I will go on record saying that it is unacceptable for the Province to give in to those who have terrorized Caledonia for 8 years.  Both the Elected and Hereditary Councils need to be told in no uncertain terms that no land, including DCE, will be forthcoming.  If they believe (despite what two Superior Court judges has said about their chances of success - zero to none - actually they said "weak") that they have a case, then take it to Court - but ultimately all rulings have been consistent, only monetary issues will be considered, absolutely no granting of land protected by the Ontario Land Registry system.

Giving Six Nations ANY LAND will open the door to anarchy

I hope that Hon. David Zimmer appreciates this fact.  Here follows a recent (5 July 2014) e-mail sent to David Zimmer:

Hon. David Zimmer
Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
Dear Sir,
I learned via Sun News that you have decided to attempt to intervene in the ongoing dispute in Caledonia.  While that is certainly a very positive step, and very commendable if only for the fact that very few politicians have "dared" even show their faces in Caledonia over the years.  The former Liberal Premier McGuinty never one came to Caledonia during our time of need.  We here have long memories.
As you may be aware, Six Nations politics is extremely complicated.  The chronic dispute between the Hereditary and Elected Councils is only the tip of the iceberg.  You may get one side on board, but that will be a signal to the other side to oppose everything to do with any agreement.  The two sides have yet to sit down together to effect any sort of agreement - even about trash disposal.
I know the entire situation very well.  My roots are here, I have studied Six Nations and local history in depth (e.g., sifting through all the relevant documents at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa since the 1970s), and I can tell you one thing that is a complete certainty.  If you give Six Nations even an acre of land, the decision will come back to bite you.  Guaranteed.  They are set to exploit any such attempt and will then "demand" the "return" of not only Burtch Correctional Center lands (250 acres), but fully ceded (in 1834) Provincially owned lands in Dunn and South Cayuga Townships - then the door flies open to numerous other items on their agenda.
Perhaps the following posting will provide some useful details:
Sir, by all means come here and listen to what all have to say.  I am at this point begging that you will not consider giving Six Nations any land - hoping that this action is not on the table - since those of us who reside here will have to live with the consequences.  Please be aware that if Six Nations are, under whatever pretext, given the former Douglas Creek Estates, there will be a furious backlash from residents of Haldimand County and beyond.  You are dealing with international terrorists, and appeasement will not bring "peace in our time", as Chamberlain was to learn the hard way in dealing with Adolph Hitler just before WWII.
Best of luck, and trusting that you will make decisions that will endure, ...............

Update 6 July 2014:  Article from the "Brantford Expositor" on this matter - Minister pushes for meeting on Caledonia barrier, see here.


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